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Default Different Looks

I've noticed something recently:

Different applications make picutres that are EXACTLY the same fille looks different:

ZoomBrowser Ex - D30 pics are sharp and contrasty even at 100%

PS7 - D30 pictures are flat and soft

Windows Fax and Picture Viewer - D30 pics are average quality, but lighter than in PS7 (therefore printing difficulties)

Why is this? Which is the right one? If I could print from ZoomBrowser these pics would be amazing, but as it is printing them fro the Epson 830 software also produces soft images...

I'm really only concerned about the onscreen quality.... HELP!!!! please!
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Gwen asked a very similar questions in the Newbie forum here. She saw a difference (to them it was lack of detail) between PS 5.0 and zoombrowser.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have a good answer, nor for you (especially since my answer doesn't work when multiple software packages are involved.) But it is not an uncommon question.

Sorry I can't offer more.

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If they look soft in Photoshop and print soft from ZoomBrowser I would guess the images are a little soft. Get a third opinion and view them in Irfanview: www.irfanview.com

I always shoot with sharpening and contrast set at minimum since low contrast maximizes dynamic range and sharpening should be done last. So my images look soft. It is easy to set up an action in Photoshop to clip levels .05% or use auto-levels, tweak up the saturation and add some unsharp mask. Run it as a batch on an entire folder once you settle on an average treatment for your photos. Just donít overwrite the originals as you will want them if you were to do any involved post processing. And the action that works for most of the shots might not work for all, so you want those originals secure.
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As slipe says, if you have PS then Actions is great. I've recently convinced myself that my Fuji camera errs consistently towards high colour saturation. If you experiment with the settings you can find the settings which work best most of the time for point and shoot in batch mode on copies of your cam original.

It ocurred to me once though, that if PS changes, or stops production, OS becomes incompatible etc, I'll have a load of soft high sat. cam originals that my next generation of relatives will think is bad photography! VOX
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Default Re: Different Looks

Originally Posted by chris_reddy
Different applications make picutres that are EXACTLY the same fille looks different
I'm really only concerned about the onscreen quality.... HELP!!!! please!
You're probably just seeing the differences in the algorithms used for displaying the photos onscreen.

If you're only concerned about onscreen viewing, then downsize the photos using more sophisticated algorithms.

Personally, I use the Lanczos based algorithms in Irfanview for this.

Download the free Irfanview software from http://www.irfanview.com (also download the free plugins).

You'll see a Resize/Resample Algorithm under the menus. Select the Lanczos Filter Algorithm, then downsize to the desired viewing size.
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