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Default Different types of Panaromic images

Hi all,
I came to know that there are many types of Panaromic techniques.
I could not understand all of them..
Can some body explain with some example. because example makes is easier to understand.

Different techniques used:
Inner-cylinder panorama: think its a regular one. camera is fixed.
Outer-cylinder panorama: think in this subject is fixed.
Inner-sphere panorama:
Outer-sphere panorama:
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G'day vgk

Can't help you with specific examples but...
I use "Pixtra" pano software & they have a fairly good info site
If you want to, look 'em up and maybe they'll have some answers

Regards, Phil
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I'll take a stab at it.
Inner-cylinder panorama: this is where the camera is rotated from a fixed point, or the subject is rotated around the camera. This is the usual type.

Outer-cylinder panorama: This would be where the camera is moved around the subject, or the subject is rotated in front of the camera. This is used when you want to make a 3d model of the subject.

The spherical types are similar, but instead of rotating the camera or subject in a single plane, you do it in a full 360 degrees. These are more difficult to show on a flat screen or print.

Planar-panorama: In this type, you move the camera along a line facing the subject, such as driving along a road and taking pictures from the side window. Could also move the subject in a line in front of the camera, such as a picture of a train passing.

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Default thank u guys..

thanks a lot guys.. for ur quick and valuable replies.
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Here is one additional implementation...

Planar - Panorama: is also the result when you use a shift lens, taking a center image, then one with the lens shifted to the left and to the right. The sensor or film, is always parallel to the subject and thus you do not introduce any angular distortions by rotating the camera.

Here are some illustrations:

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