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Default Digicam Movie Question

Looking for new digicam - and wondering if movie mode will prove to be useful with :?: the newer cameras. Is it a quality feature, or just a gimic? What recommendations can you give?
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Old Oct 28, 2003, 2:36 PM   #2
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I really enjoy my Canon G5's 320x240 movie mode. I've recorded two complete roller coaster rides and they were both very acceptible. It's basically a gimmick but you can have a lot of fun with movie mode if you don't expect much.
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In my opinion, use a video camera. It does a much better job producing video.
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If you want video (as already stated) use a camcorder to produce true 30/25 frames per second (most digicams are 15fps).

It's more for those times where you want a low res video of things that you photographed in hi-res.

I admit I used the video mode on the camera for shooting the first time I was in a helicopter (for takeoff and landing), but would rather have had a hi-res camcorder for that...the rest of the trip I used the highest JPEG quality.
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Old Nov 3, 2003, 7:26 AM   #5
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check out the Kodak DX3600 thttp://www.steves-digicams.com/2001_reviews/dx3600.html
its a great basic camera 2.2 mpx but it has great video 320x240 w/ sound for as long as there is room on your CF card (256mb= 20 min) the best part is its at 20 fps not perfect but very good most poeple cant even tell its not full video
if someone can find a small camera thats cheap that can do this please let me know (at least 20 fps w/sound)

thank you
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Old Nov 3, 2003, 8:54 AM   #6
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I have the video function on my camera (fuji 4800) and use it quite a bit. It's useful for making short snippets (filmclips-low quality) in combination with pictures of similar subjects. Then, if I later decide to give someone a cd of pictures taken at a party or wedding I usually throw in 4-5 short movie clips as well which are always much appreciated.

I agree with others that camcorders take better video but I personally wouldn't want to have to lug around a camcorder and a camera when out in the field taking pictures.

As an example last year my brother in-law was up at the lake on our fishing trip and took pictures and some short movie clips. When we later emailed the little (humorous)movie clips to my buddies after the trip they were thrilled and thought it was great.

So bottom line it'S not the best quality but fun to have and use.
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Old Nov 3, 2003, 3:21 PM   #7
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the fuji s602z has 640x480 with sound for as long as you can fill memory (approx. 15 mins. on a 1gig flash). the drawback is that it is mono sound and the focus and zoom have to be preset and can't be changed during record. it records at 30fps.

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Old Nov 3, 2003, 3:42 PM   #8
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The movie mode is a gimick. I have used it once when my granddaughter was about 5 months old. Her aunt started her laughing and it was a first time thing. My camera was there and we captured the event. A gimick but could be handy.
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Old Nov 3, 2003, 5:56 PM   #9
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The movie function on any digicam really is no substitute for even the cheapest dedicated camcorder. But as others have said, there are times where it's a nice feature to have, just as long as your expectations aren't too high. I have a sample video taken on an Olympus C-730 if you want to see what a typical output would look like. You can download it by clicking here. You left-click the link to play it online, or right-click to save the file to your computer. It's about 6MB and you'll need Windows Media player to view it.

The best example I've ever seen of a video from a digicam (not that I've gone out of my way to research this area) is from Minolta's Z1. I forgot where I got the clip from now, but it quite impressive in my opinion.
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Default MOV rotation

Hi all -

Used to be here quite alot, but been busy but anyway...

I never use the movie function on my Coolpix 995 for the aforementioned reasons, BUT on Friday during the Halloween party at work a friend asked me to turn it on so she could shoot a guy that dressed as a woman trying to walk in heels. I turned it on but didn't notice that she was holding the camera vertical until it was too late! There's enough space to crop and still have a good picture if I rotate it...but I don't know of any software that will do this....anyone know of anything?
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