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Thanks to all of youfor your valuable advice. I had no ideadigicams are so fragile. For 10 years, I used my 35mm Canon Rebel EOS in all kinds of weather and the thing always worked like a charm.
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It doesn't take much... even in the Caribbean!

I took my 10D from an air conditioned interior to the deck of a cruise ship during early morning and the whole thing just fog up (lens and camera)!
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Take multiple sets of batteries with you and swap them as the cold ones go dead, put them in an inside pocket and they will warm up and recover power.

As the others have said, take large zip-lock(tm) bags with you and bag the camera outdoors before coming in. I've been using old manual film,and newer EOS series film cameras for decades this way in -30c Canadian winters with no problems. (the lubrication in the old manual cameras did freeze up occasionally).

And for the last couple of years have been bringing digitals with me, worst that has happened so far is my LCD went black, but seems to have recovered after warming up with no ill effects yet.

Lately I find I usually freeze up and pack it in, long before the camera is ready to give up.

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NHL wrote:
sjms wrote:
yep. i still use my F5 and OM cameras for extreme conditions.
I picked up a used F5 last X-mas... Man what a TANK! :-)

got mine after using it at the atlanta olympics as a loaner for 3 days.
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