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Hi everyone, I really could do with some advise on this matter.

I need to increrase the quality/detail of my images so i'm looking at a digital back thatI couldmarry to my old film cameras that get no use now- Hasselblads-SWC 903 and really ancient 500CM bodies. I'm looking at The Phase One backs aroundthe 40 megapixel range. It would appear that they have a mount that will fit my cameras-but I am not really sure of this. So, if the back fits, do I get a square image? - A cropped (rectangular image) and if rectangular how do I select a vertical or horizontal format? Also, is the 40mm on the SWC remain a 40mm or is there a conversion factor to be applied? Any help on the above would be most appreciated!
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We don't have a forum setup specifically for digital backs. So, I'll move this thread down to our General Q&A Forum for further discussion.

The format of the back you buy is going to vary. In the Phase One lineup, the P30+ has a slightly smaller sensor. So, you'd need to multiply the focal length of a lens by 1.3x to see how it would compare to same same focal length lens using film. In other words, a 40mm lens on this type of back would give you the same angle of view as a 52mm would normally give you (40mm x 1.3 = 52mm). Your lenses would appear to be longer on a back with a sensor that size.

The sensor in the P45+ is a little larger than the one in the P30+. With the P45+ back, you only use a 1.1x multiplier (lenses will have the same angle of view as a focal length that's 10% longer would normally give you). These sensors have a rectangular 4:3 aspect ratio, so your viewfinder won't give you the full view the sensor is capturing (although you may be able to a viewfinder adapter or focus screen that matches up to the format better). They make more backs in lower resolutions with various multipliers starting at around 1.1x. Click on a back model from the column on the right side of this page, and you'll see a Lens Factor shown in it's specifications.


They also have a new P65+ coming out that has a full frame sensor (no multiplier).

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Hi JimC,

Thanks for your advise.I've had a scan through the website you so kindly sent. Will study it in more detail in the days to come. I live in Barbados so it might mean a trip to a dealer in Miami with a few bodies to ensure "all is well". I have a Mamiya RZ that appears to take the same mount as the blads which is great news.

Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.
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Mamiya have also just announced their ZD 22Mp digital back, at a very nice price (as far as these things go).

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You might also take a look at the Luminous Landscape forums. They have an MF digital back forum.

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Thanks Peripatetic,

that is useful. You have given me more to consider.
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