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Phillip Rhodes May 19, 2004 8:57 AM


Question: do you know of any UK based Photo lads who use either Fuji FDi or Agfa d-lab.1 digital printers but to process trueblack and white photographic prints using black and white paper and chemicals? I'm not interested in inkjet printing or printng black and white images on colour paper.


Phillip Rhodes

whittonj May 19, 2004 9:36 AM

I'm not going to be a great help (I'm in the US) - but even my local pro Fuji Lab takes images onCD and uses a proper B&W process. All the online services I've used (EZ Prints, Ofoto, Dotphoto) all print on color paper and most of my B&Ws have been very grainy looking that I've got from them or they had some sort of slight color tinge to them (like a little brown or a little blue- most of the time so slight people dont notice there's anything wrong) I think Dotphoto probably did the best if I remember correctly.

I actually framed one of my print screw-ups of an old art gallery: a B&W IR photo I shot (which was already pretty noisy) that was printed obviously in a color process- looks almost identical to a photo taken in the 1920s from a similar angle that the local library has in its archive- except for the 2003 Jag sitting out front.

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