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Troy Barker Dec 1, 2002 9:48 PM

Which digital camera?
I am looking at 4 models, the Minolta F100, Fuji F601, Olympus c-720UZ and Canon S30. My research tells me that most of these are decent digital cameras. I am a casual photographer and will be using my camera for vacation photos, family photos, etc., but I want something that will produce excellent quality images. Does anyone have some helpful input on these cameras. I have checked out most of the review sites.


steve6 Dec 2, 2002 7:12 AM

For me it will boil down to the size of the camera (is it pocketable), batteries and zoom capability. The 720 is quite large compared to the Fuji but has 8x zoom. The Oly uses AA batteries which are cheap to buy (NiMH rechargeables that is).

All will deliver good photos. Personally I'd go for the 720 unless I wanted pocket size.

gibsonpd3620 Dec 2, 2002 7:33 AM

I would vote for the Olympus C720. My wife has one for her work and it takes great pics.

BillDrew Dec 2, 2002 9:12 AM

I'd bet on all of them taking good pictures - any that don't would have been pulled off the market.

So the issue comes down to what do *you* want in a camera. As steve6 noted, some folks want a camera that fits easily in their pocket.

Since you mentioned family pictures, you might be interested in good flash which means the ability to use an external flash. The built-in flash in all cameras (digital or chemical) are junk. Some are worse than others, but all are small and close to the lens so you will get red-eye and hot-spots. You can expect that the cameras that fit in your pocket to be the worst for flash since they are smallest.

Or you might want a camera that works in low light so you don't have to use the flash as often. That means large aperature (low f/number) and/or high ISO. But watch out for ISO claims - in many cameras the highest ISOs are pretty much useless because of noise. Some carefull reading of reviews is needed to spot that. Small cameras tend not to have large aperatures.

Alfisti Dec 2, 2002 9:44 AM

The F601 is an odd choice … it’s “pro” than consumer.

Forget the Minolta ….. I’ve had three and on each occasion the lens refuses to come out after about 3 months.

Your decision is the same as mine, the cameras you mention all take good pics so it’s down to “size versus performance”. Sadly, no small camera has a lot of features .. trust me I looked for 3 months. The S30 is a GREAT camera but what do you get??? Nothing special to be honest and it’s over priced.

So now you’re down to the Olympus and the Fuji. For starters, forget the C-720 and go the updated C-730. From there, I’d ditch the F601 and look at the Fuji 3800. It’s more of a consumer camera then the pro F601 and a lot smaller. IMHO the “fun factor” of the MUCH bigger zoom on the 3800 and the Oly 730 means they are worth the hassle of being a bit bulky. I chose the Fuji because it’s much better priced and once past 250mm the Oly often produces blurry pics because the lens is NOT stabalised. The fuji is VERY easy to use and by tweaking the manual settings I get GLORIOUS pics day or night.

If you prefer a pocket camera then go the S30 .. but I assure you .. the bigger zooms of the Oly and the Fuji are a LOT of fun and they take add on lenses, the Canon doesn’t.

uhhmike Mar 1, 2003 10:02 PM

the canon takes add on lenses
btw the canon does take add on lenses. get a lens adapter, 50 bucks, and add lenses.

jfnirvana292 Mar 2, 2003 2:26 AM

Re: the canon takes add on lenses

Originally Posted by uhhmike
btw the canon does take add on lenses. get a lens adapter, 50 bucks, and add lenses.

It looks like the adapter would work and all, but since the camera is not designed to accept lenses, would it degrade the picture quality at all with one???

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