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Default Help! What can you do?

Mr. Wildman,

Thanks for your informative posts! If I behave and save my $, I will be able in a year or so to afford a good digital SLR. Until then, it means scanning snapshots from a ffl 35-105mm Samsung viewfinder, with pretty good scanner and refurbishing them. I'd rather shoot. But with what? Where I live it's best to stick to Nikon (best service) or Canon (next best), Fuji, Oly or Sony. Less for Konica, HP, Panasonic, whatever. I saw that the new Nikon 5400 has a glass lens. I can learn to make do. Any suggestions?

Best Regards,


Originally Posted by Wildman
Ol' lg REALLY loves his Uzi... recommends it all the time

The digicam industry has hooked the public on lots of megapixels with less expensive lenses.

I expect to see less expensive DSLRs as the alternative to high quality stabilized zoom lenses in digital cameras.

As digicams prices continue to drop, expect to see bigger and bigger sensors while lenses stay pretty much the same in consumer cameras. There's more margin that way.

There will never be another stabilized big zoom consumer camera. Pity.
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Yup... I've heard of the Panasonic camera...

Guess you never heard of the new Panasonic DMC-FZ1, a 12x IS camera. The downside is the Panasonic is more of a point&shoot camera with less manual controls than the Canon and Oly.
I'll bet lg agrees with me that it's not a credible competitor for the Uzi or the Pro90. Both of these are capable of much more than point and shoot photography.

While photography is about a lot more than lenses, the digicam industry wants you to forget about the importance of the lens in the equation. Lenses are expensive and competition drives prices.

My next digicam will be an SLR.
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Yes, I agree-- the DMC-FZ1 is strictly a point and shoot camera; it lacks the controls of both the Pro90IS and C-2100. Although it does have a more powerful 12x Leica zoom lens, there is still some discussion going on elsewhere on this board about the functionality of the IS.
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I recently bought an Olympus TCON-17 teleconverter for my Pro90... now THAT'S reach... makes it a 17X stabilized zoom. That's about a 650mm equivalent.
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