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Default Digital Camera for Capturing Eye Images

I work for an ophthalmology office, and they're looking for a digital camera that has excellent zooming capability and focuses well, most important for patients who don't have good control of their own eye movements.

If you have ANY suggestions, PLEASE let me know. Price is currently not a factor, but ideally around $1000. The important things is hi-resolution, good-quality images.

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Lots of today's digital cameras have good macro capabilities. The Nikon Coolpix series are known for good macros--check out Steve's reviews of the current batch.

I have the Minolta Dimage 7, which does great macros. Any of the cameras in this series would work well for you (7i & 7Hi). One thing to note about these cameras is that the macro setting is at maximum zoom, so you don't have to get tha camera so close to the eye. This makes it easy to take the photos with normal light--you don't need a special flash.

Here are a couple I just did on the spur of the moment (with the D7) to give you an idea. I just tilted up the desk lamp, tried to aim the camera at my eye, guessed the closest I could get and pressed the shutter button. You could obviously do better if you were actually looking at the viewfinder and taking a photo of someone else's eye. You'd be able to position the light so it doesn't glare and adjust the exposure to show up what you wanted to show up. The first photo is the bare camera and the second uses a closeup adapter:

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Default And +3 diopter with this?

D7 optics also work well with closeups lens

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