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Hello everyone.

I just need some help sorting out where I need to spend my time researching.

I took some pictures with my Fuji A205 2MP camera and just got my Canon IP3000 printer and the picture I took ofmy grandmother and nephew comes out fine but my grandmother picture is a little darker then my nephews.In real life the contrast is not as diverse though. If I use the Canon photo print software I can Do I photo editing software is the printer's capability or what else ?

All suggestions welcome.

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The wording in that last sentence is a bit puzzling, but if you're asking whether the editing software that came with your camera is better than the printer's software, I'll give an opinion.
What you need to do is research a subject called "calibration". Getting consistent results so that the image you see on your monitor is pretty durn close to what you see coming out of your printer is the goal of every digital photo enthusiast. The problem is, your monitor "sees" things a little differently than your printer.
What calibration is supposed to do is help you to adjust the settings on your monitor and printer so that they are both in close agreement over what an image is supposed to look like.
There are methodes of calibration as simple as displaying various gradiated targets on your screen that guide manual adjustments of your monitor's contrast, brightness, color temperature and gamma, to rather expensive sensor units that read your screen output and do very precise adjustments through software.
The latter systems usually provide a complete package that calibrates not just your monitor, but your entire input/output from your camera to your printer so that they all conform to a certain standard -- so that they are all on the same page.
Any pro or serious amateur gets their entire system calibrated. Not-so-serious hobbyists can get by with doing a free basic manual adjustment on their monitor and just learn through trial and error what tweaks to make in their printing software to make the printed picture as close to what they see on the screen as possible. Only experience will give you improved consistency.
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