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I just got into digital photography. I have been making 4"x6" prints at Walmart using their "do-it-yourself" machine. Now I am ready to purchase adigital photo printer, and I need some help!!!

If I buy an HP photo printer that has the input slots for the different type of memory cards - all I have to do is take pictures, put my 64MB SD card in the slot and print the pictures.

But, what happensif I want to retouch my photos using Adobe Photoshop, or the HP software that came with my digital camera?

What I have been doing is uploading the photos to my PC then using Adobe retouching the photosthe way I want them, saving my photos to a CD, then either takingthe CD to Walmart, or using an old printer to print my photos.I find thatthe Walmart method works best to get the results Iwant. My old printer produces very bad quality prints!

It would be great ifsomeone made a photo printer that I had the ability to print directly from my SD card AND retouch the photo before I print.

Can someone guide me through this process? I want to purchase a photo printer with thevarious card slots built-in, but I also want the ability to retouch my photos using a software program.

Please help.

Please also send your response to: [email protected]

Thank you.
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Many printers that have the ability to print directly from memory cards also have the ability to hook up to the computer via USB, just look for a printer with both features.
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I've got an older HP Photosmart 1215 with built in card readers (but no SD card slot).
The drivers allow it to act as a removable drive. So, they can be used for card readers, too. This lets you copy files from the cards, edit them, and copy them back to the cards again.

I will caution you that when using mine as a card reader, times aremuch slower copying files to or from it, compared to a dedicated card reader (even a USB 1.1 reader).

Now, the newer HP models may be better in this respect. But, if you find that they don't work quite as fast as you like, you may just want to invest in a dedicated card reader for this purpose. These are very inexpensive now (around $20.00), and look like a removable drive to your computer (just like the card slots in my HP printer look to the computer).

Doesn't your camera have USB Connectivity? If so, you could even use it -- copying files from the camera, then copying them back again after editing. Although personally, if I do write to my media with anything except for the camera, I always format the card with the camera again, before I use it (just as a precaution). Formatting is usually just as fast as deleting the images anyway.

Edit: I see you mentioned editing your photos already, so I guess you already know you can copy photos from it to your PC. You should also be able to copy photos back to it for the trips to Wal-Mart, etc. Although, burning a CD is probably a better idea anyway.

As Mikefellh also pointed out, you can connect a printer to your computer anyway via USB, so whywould you even need the card slotsfor printing your photos at home?

You could copy them from the camera, edit them,and send them to any decent photo printer via USB using software. I don't even use the card slots on my HP printer (even though they allow printing directly from the cards). I prefer to use Photo Printing software (which is much more flexible for selecting layouts, photos, etc.).

From my perspective, the only benefit of having a printer with the ability to print directly from a memory card, would be if I did not have a computer. I didn't even takemy HP's card reader into consideration when I bought it. It just happened to have this feature, and allows direct printing from the cards.

In the years I've owned it, I've onlyused this feature (direct printing from a card) one time -- and that was just to test something for someone else (it has a proof sheet/contact sheet feature built in, and someone wanted to know the size of the images on the page).

Or, isthere anotherreason that you want to print at home directly from the card?

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