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Default Digital camera security

My Toshiba PDR M81 digital camera has been stolen a second time from Pangaea in New York City (first time was at my brother's wedding in Salt Lake City). So I need to get a new camera.

Are there any digital cameras that have any security built in? I'm thinking that if I don't use the camera for 24 hours, I should have to enter some password (else the LCD will display how to contact the camera's owner). This is such a brain dead obvious feature to have, to decrease the street value to thieves. Anyone know anything definitive on this?

Csaba Gabor from New York
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I've never heard of the feature, but it is interesting. Sorry.

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I too was wishing my camera would have that feature...my PDAs have it.
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PDAs have no security, atleast for theives. Most PDAs have a rest button to restore the entire OS to its original state and in the process wipe all files/apps/games added to the system. Only benefit (and its a good one) is that your personal files don't end up in someone elses hands.

For example the Toshiba i740 I had (traded it in and for $300 more got a much more useful laptop) only requires the reset button to be pressed during a hard reboot at the same time and its back to the original state your PDA started with.

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Interesting situation, but I see no reason to have such a featue. Surely having a locking feature is great, but how will it help you? Maybe the culprit wont be able to see your photos. But is that really a concern for a normal photographer? For the thief - he or she has got themself a digital camera, and having met a locking feature wont make them return it to you. They must be stupid to do so.

Having a lock is great, but it wont help you prevent your camera from theft, or get help get it back.
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