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PeterDLai Nov 25, 2003 3:06 PM

Digital Cameras with Cornice SE?
I'm a newbie to digital cameras, but does anyone know if they're going to have digital cameras with the Cornice SE technology built in? It's basically a small data drive with 1.5 GB, and it's already been used in MP3 players. It's small and very cost-effective. Plus, for a digital camera, it would probably hold your entire photo collection on it.

JimC Nov 25, 2003 4:25 PM


Not that I'm aware of.

The company's web site does appear to promote the advantages well, using phrases like "lowest cost-to-capacity ratio of any storage solution"

However, can they make a profit selling these storage solutions for a price this low, or is this simply another case of a product being marketed at below cost, to get interest in it up?

They do have some interesting investors/partners, but the industry already has lots of new storage media types.

I find it hard to believe that a new product (without support from camera manufacturers) will "make the cut" in the Digital Camera Market.

The newest media types for Digital Cameras, were developed in Partnership with Camera and Memory manufacturers (Xd Picturecard, Secure Digital).

You can already get solid state devices in extremely large capacities, with no worries about potential failure of moving parts.

As with any other technology, competition will drive prices down. We are already seeing new devices (including non-camera devices) using Secure Digital now, since SD is "postage stamp" size media, with capacities up to 512mb now (and transfer rates of 10mb/second), with larger capacities already announced.

So, given the large number of media types already available, and the fact that no digital camera manufacturers were apparently involved in the development of the Cornice SE technology, I wouldn't personally expect digital cameras to begin using it.

sjms Nov 25, 2003 4:28 PM

not my collection. i just archived my daughters fall soccer season. 2 full DVDs.

JimC Nov 25, 2003 5:11 PM

Re: Digital Cameras with Cornice SE?

Originally Posted by PeterDLai
Plus, for a digital camera, it would probably hold your entire photo collection on it.

LOL -- yep, I missed that part.

We're already seeing annoucements for 4GB CompactFlash media (solid state), as well as larger capacity microdrives, and they're only designed to hold enough photos for you to get back to the PC for uploading them.

As higher resolution cameras become more and more commonplace, larger media sizes will be needed.

Also, look at some of the movie modes on new cameras, which can use as much as 1MB/Second of storage space on your media.

In smaller format media, 1GB Sony Memory Sticks are already shipping (which MUCH larger sizes planned).

You'll see the same thing in even smaller media types, too (1GB Secure Digital already announced, and I'm sure we'll see this media type grow larger and larger in the future, too -- with no moving parts to wear out).

JimC Nov 25, 2003 5:26 PM

The transfer rate could also be very limiting on the Cornice SE. According to their product brochure, transfer rate is > 4MB/Second.

Panasonic's Standard Secure Digital Cards in both 256mb and 512mb size are now rated at sustained read/write speeds of 10MB/Second.

In order to take advantage of higher frame rates, some Digital Camera manufacturers even require 10MB/Second transfer rates now.

As higher resolution cameras appear, even 10MB/Second may not be fast enough.

So, I think that a technology based on moving parts, will have extremely limited usefulness, as the "need for speed" continues to grow.

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