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i have just purchased a d50 for my wife for a Chrsitmas present. She loves taking pictures so I thought it was the right time to move her into real picture taking. Is there a bible or a great book for photography. She won't understand f-stops, ISO white balance etc. but she loves to learn. Some more in depth the better
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I can't recommend a basic general photography book, but you may want to check out a book specifically about the D50. I've seen these in bookstores. I don't know what they cover outside of explaining how to use the D50, but it might cover general photographic theory/stragegies. Visit a well-stocked bookstore, or even a camera store -- I've seen these in Ritz Camera -- and see whether this might kill two birds with one stone.

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Understanding Exposure is a great entry level book. Also, the library is a great source. Even film based books still apply - exposure is exposure, composition is composition. The manual can tell her how to control the camera but Understanding Exposure or any number of other books can really help her learn photography.

Also, the 'Understanding' series on luminous landscape website are also very beneficial - especially on histograms & depth of field.
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There's what looked to me to be a great book/magazine (it's kept in the magazine section of the Borders Books near me as it's printed on that sort of paper - I think it's a one off special by a photography mag) which is dedicated to the D50, and is very much written from the "Your first DSLR" angle that it sounds like you want. It explains all the basics of photography, and also covers various sorts of 'typical scenes' you might want to capture and explains what sorts of settings are best used there (ie, landscapes, parties, kids playing etc).
I'll try and find out what it's called tomorrow.
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