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karo Jun 5, 2004 7:57 PM

I'm using a webcam to make clips and of course capture it with my pc, but I don't get good quality, is it possible to use a digital photo camera with my pc to make better quality? Which means not using the camera for recording but let it on connected to the pc with some video capturing software, in this case the camera will function like a webcam but with a better quality.

So any answers? :D



Mikefellh Jun 6, 2004 1:04 AM

What I posted in another message a few minutes ago:

To be honest, it's a waste of a good camera and it's not recommended. CCD digicams tend to heat up over time causing hot pixels that can eventually become stuck pixels which will ruin your photos!!!

Instead, just buy a $20-$30 dedicated CMOS webcam. Not only better, but it's a lot easier to operate.

There are good and bad webcams out there...suggest you look at the better brands.

karo Jun 6, 2004 10:21 AM

Thnx for the replay, but I don't understand u totally. U mean it is possible to use a normal digicam but it gets heat up, how it can heat up without using it really? Because I don't make pics with it but the pc is the recording.

Believe me I couldn't find a good webcam, the best one was a Philips Toucam Pro II, but even this one gives u video with 640 x 480 pixels but the speed is 30 fps.

Please give me more info, I really need it

Thnx again

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