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Hi All.

Hope all is well!

Im looking forum for "Digital Photo Frames" I've beenthrough cats/boards and topics but couldnt see anywhere to post, possiblity of starting a DPF's corner somewhere here ?

I know their not exactly camera/equiptment, but are becoming a close accessory in my book Ive owned and used severaland just wanted find out other users takes and get info on other brands, I really want to buy anotherdpf but researching is becoming difficult to incude all the features im after.

Anyway if looks like a idea let me know.

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I've never owned one.

But, I can remember reading a recent thread on another forum about them, and the consensus was that Phillips had some of the best ones from a features perspective (comments from users that had more than one brand).

So, you may want to look into them to see how they compare.

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Thanks, so far thatson my to try list,philips have been the most expensive so far,other makes ive triedare kodak, polaroid, digiview and others....

To be honest I never considerd one until we were visiting relatives and I tell you what you dont know what your missing until youve had one (concept wise) some of them are dread full!

I was scepticle at first the, wife wanted one but then they really are useful to see those piles of picture we have and never dig out!!!

All my reptile shots for all to see next to the TVwithoutguestsrunning a mile soon as I grab my reptile albums !!!

Anyway so far I got800x480 pixels, anything less than 640 width on 10" or above is not good for the eye, best way to test is I took my own pictures on memory card in and tried them in the shops.

So I went with clarity, Kodak 800x480 andphilips was the sameresolution wise but after a month I got fed up with seeing the same images out of 1500 on there soon as you turn it on it starts from the begining and the begining being the start of the memory device I wrote a program to shuffle the order to find that the photos arentread inname or date order but how the files appear on the memory device so i had to write a prgram to take them off the card format reput them back on in diff order!!! takes while!!!, now an update for the kodak has come out but its still pretty lame you can do A-Z order but when you turn it off it needs to be set again, but I dont know how others fair the philips has shuffle from what I read which is what im after but only 9" screenat 200GBP - Now not that the Kodak is the worse some dont even do a slide show of the whole memory just a speciffic folder and navigaing through loads is slow.

So just wondering if anyone has a dpf which does shuffle large screen (as I have alot of pics that are portrait) and good clarrity etc...

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