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I take good nature photographs and landscape shots. How did i get the assignment? Someone saw my portfolio and gave me the assignment. The Nikon E5700 is a semi pro camera i do admit but it is not all automatic. you can fiddle with it and get different results and capture different photos. Yes, I may not be able to use a fully manual camera but hey I got an eye for what has that WOW factor in it. You may disagree but then again, I am the one with the photo assignments. :lol:

I am trying to go more manual into my shots but with the time constraints, digital is the best way to go as my work sends me to places all over and time is a key factor.

To all that have replied to my query, I thank you all. Cheers.
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Does anyone know any film camera sites/forums that are 3rd party and as good as Steve's Digicams?
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Sassalin; Maybe you should check 2' hand Canon slr's from last decades (eos models). Other slr's may have this as well; some easy point and shoot modes (porttret, action, landscape), auto focus lens & the option to go manuall crazy. However digital cameras, including your Nikon are the way to learn and understand manual camera operating.

If you shoot that well, a slr with good optics will become a goldmine in your hands.
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Hi Sassalyn

Congrats on your assignment!

You have an interesting dilemma.

Three key questions, however, remains unasked:

"Why does this magazine want/require slides?"

"What is their entire process from 'photo received' to
'printed publication' for your submission?"

"What is the largest size print of your submissions they expect to put in their magazine?"

Once you have the answers to these questions, do
the following:

Create a presentation (PPT file) using PowerPoint software
of a small portion of your portfolio using high resolution
images with your copyright unmistakeably splashed across
the images.

Send them this PPT on CD.

Have them project it on a screen.

This should convince them that digital is an acceptable, LOW cost, very time-effective alternative to slides.

FYI...I have done PPT presentations on a film screen that is over
40 years old. They display just fine

Two cents

"Some see things as they are and ask, 'Why?'"
"I dream of things that never were and say, 'Why not?'"
Robert F. Kennedy

Good luck, Sassalyn!
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Good points Digcamfan.

Only thing is the projectors are not very high rez, only svga or xga at most. These don't need very large files as input but the images they project sure are impressive.

It may help
I sort of suspect at least some of the places may want slides because it is tradition. They have always done it this way and resist change. Can't hurt to try and convince them
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Old Feb 19, 2004, 11:35 AM   #16
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From the odd thing that I've had printed in ameteur publications they're always going through a TIFF stage, either directly supplied or scanned from a print.

Also, when I've done talks the projected images get the occasional ooh and aah as oposed to ugh.

However, when I look at publications such as the RSPB "Birds" magazine I'm still not clear as to whether digital can currently be a close match to the colour and the quality of some film work. Certainly looking at the last BBC wildlife photography competition digital was no-where...

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