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I was wondering if i should use Digital camera or Traditional camera for my BC Chinese Photographer competition submission. Any help please? I am kinda new to photographing. If i use trad. one, i ill have to buy a new camera then. What brand do you prefer?

Just a misc thing:

Please help me complete this survey as this is important to my school work


thanks very much

if you can't do this kind of survey properly, please don't do it.
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Most competitions have submission guidelines that will state whether they have special categories for film and digital; prints or slides; B&W or color. Check with the organizers for their restrictions.

Some contests, for example, require that all submissions must be slides (to minimize the opportunity for darkroom enhancements). Some allow prints but require the original negative to accompany the print. In some digital competitions, there are separate categories for 'Photoshopped' pieces as opposed to straight from the camera. This ensures that all of the contestants are on an equal footing and nobody is using an unfair technological 'aid' to gain an advantage over the other entries.

If I am a Photoshop expert, I want to compete against other Photoshop experts so I can show off my stuff...I don't want to put my adjusted and enhanced version of an image up against ones that haven't been touched...that wouldn't be fair...and I wouldn't want an image that I enter as 'right out of the camera'to be beaten out by somebody who faked the whole thing on his computer. It is just an attempt to be fair.
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The averages in the results of your survey are obviously skewed by some idiot entering silly numbers. Not a bad way to learn the value of using the median instead of the mean as the measure of central tendancy. Even without a wise "guy" tossing in silly numbers, there are situations like the average net worth of any group of 40 people which happens to include Bill Gates. The average will be over one billion, but the median will better describe the situation.
hariolaz wrote:
Just a misc thing:

Please help me complete this survey as this is important to my school work
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