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could someone take the time and explain the difference to me? I am a novice and have had digitals. Am I missing something without a dslr? I like to do scenic stuff, flowers and sports,. I have about 1000 to spend. Please provide a concise comparison and please let me know what you would do. I need advice. Thanks

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Well first thing dSLRs are also digital that's why 'd' in the front, digital SLR. The main difference between the 2 is much bigger sensor (chip used to take pictures) in dSLRs compared to point& shoot digital camera. Bigger sensor mean much less noise and much better quality images. Of course, you can changes lenses on SLRs unlike fixed lens cameras. SLRs are much faster in their response but heavy, need more from the user and usually expensive not to mention the cost of the lens.

You can find lot more info on the web. here is one of them

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As Booby said they are both digital. A big difference is that there is a mirror in the light path so that when composing the shot you look through a viewfinder that is showing you the view through the lens. I find this a big positive as it's much easier to see what you are shooting this way and also you get a better idea of what is in focus. In all but 1 new camera from Olympus viewing through the lens this way means that you can't use the LCD on the back of the camera when composing the shot only to review the shot after you've taken it.

A DLSR will give you a faster response (no shutter lag) and faster ISO with less noise than most compacts which will be an advantage for sports photography.

For flower photography you'll probably want a separate macro lens and for scenics a wide angle lens although you may get away with 1 zoom for scenics and sports.

This ups the price but in general you'll get lenses better suited to the task than the fixed lens on a compact digital.

The DSLR will also give you more control of the camera than most compacts, for example a zoom ring and a focus ring are easier to use than buttons.

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Here's a good site if you want to know DSLR:


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