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serpa4 Aug 6, 2002 8:14 PM

digital zoom vs pixels
how does digital zoom effect the pixels?
If you have a 3mp camera and its 1984x1488 then use 2x digital zoom, is it now 992x744? (1984x1488 / 2). And if you zoom again to 3x will it be halved again to 496x372? or is it 1984x1488 / 3x =661x496?

padeye Aug 6, 2002 10:37 PM

In most cases no. Digital zoom typically takes the center section that corresponds to the smaller field of view and resamples it to get the full image size you have selected. It simulates additional zoom range by cropping and stretching. The drawback of course is that the digitally zoomed image will have lower quality than if you had an optical zoom of that focal length. If you have good editing software you can do a crop and bicubic resample or genunine fractals to stretch in post production and perhaps get better results than the camera's digital zoom will give you.

An exception to this is the Dimage 7. Digital zoom actually just crops the center 1280x960 from the center of a 2560x1920 image without stretching it. It gives the same result as cropping in post production but takes approximately a quarter of the storage space.

If you care about image quality and have enough storage space in your camera digital zoom is a non-feature.

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