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Default Digitally out of focus with a new Minolta Dig7

I have been doing photography as a hobby on and off since I was in high school. I’m an old-school SLR guy, who got a decent (or at least it was decent a few years ago when my wife paid nearly $800 for it new) “point and shoot” Kodak DC210. It worked fine and I did all the usual stuff with it, but this year I was comfortable enough with the digital thing to move up to a Minolta Dimage7. It wasn’t cheap, but looked good and I liked the SLR type of feel it had.
After owning it for a few months, I noticed that many of my pictures seem to have only the top quarter or half of the picture in focus, where the bottom half is blurry. Coming from a traditional camera, you basically have things in the foreground or background out of focus, and by clocking down the aperture (bigger F-stop numbers) you can get more stuff in focus to make things more idiot proof. But with the Digimag7, this problem seems to not care if things are close or far away, only that they are not in the top half of the picture. I have tried both manually to change the settings, and use the default “program” setting that automatically does everything. It’s a weird problem that I never had on the older point and shoot Kodak or traditional cameras and I was wondering if this is something that does happen to digital images on higher-end, adjustable focal length lens digital cameras?
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DOF has worked on my D7i just about the same as it did on SLR cams. You just get more DOF at all fstops compared to film.

Can you return the camera for service? It sounds like they may have mounted your lens with a tilt to it, or maybe the ccd isn't mounted flat inside.

The problem is most noticable at f4 or lower? Have you tried using the focus point select to choose one of the points that is in the out of focus area just to see what happens? I'm grapsing at straws, but it sounds like a defect rather than a little bug.
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Default digitall image

I will try your advice and see if anything works, and if not I will take it in and see what they recommend.

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If yours is the 7 not 7i read these threads.

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Default Dig7 upgrades...

Thanks, yes it sounds like I should get the upgrade...
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