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Default dimage 7i and nikon 5700?

how do minolta dimage 7i and nikon coolpix 5700 compare? and what about price? also when will 5700 be available?
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To the best of my knowledge the 5700 has been available for a year: http://www1.dealtime.com/xPC-Nikon_C..._5700~S-6~PG-1

I wouldn’t consider the D7i as the D7Hi costs only slightly more. It has a big buffer so it will take raw shots in rapid succession without having to wait for the card write. It also has a superfine JPG mode which is great. http://www1.dealtime.com/xPC-Minolta...e_7Hi~S-6~PG-1

The Nikon is more compact and has a longer telephoto: 280mm verses 200mm for the Minolta. But the Minolta has a 28mm wide angle which is very useful for scenery and architecture. I bought the D7i over the 5700 because I preferred the features and am considering the new A1 – same basic camera with a lot of goodies like image stabilization. But the 7Hi is a very good camera for the price. I like the big manual zoom ring and focus ring along with all of the extra physical controls. It is much less menu driven than the Nikon. But many people prefer the Nikon for equally good reasons. It has mostly to do with how you will use it and what you primarily photograph. Both are excellent cameras.
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actually now that you can get the A1 at J&R music for $904 delivered i'd rethink that even again. the 7 series had more noise in the image which could be dealt with a smattering of Neat Image and in every other way worked better then the 5700. when the 7 series came out they were and are to date the closest to a DSLR type operation ov any of the digicam crowd. of cours now the digital rebel DSLR from canon puts a new spin on that too at $999.
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I second slipe as well:
1. The D7 series for the wide angle and the 5700 for the long
2. Manual zoom/focus(D7's) rings or push buttons (5700)

If you're into studio shoot, the flash on the D7's are more flexible since you can turn the pre-flash off, or reduce its power to trigger studio slaves. Also this camera's flash system has wireless multi-heads TTL control capability over the 5700 which will require you to get sync cords.

Me too I think the upcoming A1 is a much better camera than either... Imagine being able to shoot @ 1/20s @ 200mm! 8)
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