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I am in the market for my first digicam.

1. I am interested in the Minolta DiMAGE G600 Digital Camera. Do you know when a review for it will be available?

2. Do you know when / if USB2 will be a standard feature among digicams, and if it will reach down into the 5MP or 6MP cameras?

3. If you leave a digicam connected to your computer, does they generally recharge via USB or do you have to recharge via the seperate battery recharger? I have an iPAQ PDA which recharges via USB.

Thank you.
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I have seen no reviews of the new G600 yet. Steve has one of the older G500 on this site. Since these models are almost identical, except for the newer 6MP sensor and PictBridge support, you can probably draw some conclusions from the G500.

As far as recharging the camera via USB, the cable will not allow it. So, if you leave your camera connected to the USB port for an extended period of time, the battery in the camera will discharge.

This model uses a USB 1.1 interface, which is very slow (even by USB 1.1 standards). So, I'd strongly recommend the purchase of a card reader for transferring photos. Steve has reviewed some on this site (under the Accessory reviews menu choice from the main menu).

Here is one for the Lexar Multi-Card Reader (available now at very low prices if you shop around some):


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As Jim C pretty much hit on, just look at the G500 and go from there. I have a G500 and it takes surprisingly good photos. Now, if Konica-Minolta is taking the same sized sensor and just cramming a few extra pixels in it, then yes, there will probably be a little more "noise" in the images. But I was amazed actually, at how good the G500 images were for a compact camera. A little bit of purple fringing in higher contrast shots, but other than that, very nice.
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