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viewfinders are dependent on far vision
Okay, you better explain this to El Peabrain here. Aren't we looking at a nearby representation of something that's far away, not an actually distant object?
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I have 20/20 far vision and less than perfect near vision. I never have to make diopter adjustments in viewfinders and they are sharp.

When I go for physicals I test my far vision on a machine that I look through lenses. The target is only a few inches from the lens but focused at a distance so it tests far vision in far vision test mode.

Many airplanes have heads up displays that show certain instrumentation in the windshield. If you focus a camera at infinity and take a picture everything in the dash and windshield is blurred except the heads up display, which is focused at infinity to keep the pilotís eyes focused at a distance. I would guess the few cars with heads up displays work the same.

I canít explain the optics but I know it is possible to focus a display so you are using your distance vision. Every viewfinder I have ever seen is that way.

Can you see something clearly that is less than an inch from your eye? The objective lens on an optical viewfinder is less than an inch from your eye Ė you obviously donít have to focus your eye down to the distance of the objective lens.

Try different strengths of reading glasses through a viewfinder. The stronger the reading glasses the closer the focus distance to see or read something Ė in other words the closer you have to be to get it in focus. But the stronger the reading glasses the worse the viewfinder will look.
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I understand what you're saying, and it definitely makes sense even though something in my head keeps saying, "but you're looking at a flat plane when you see an image with a lens." And I guess it's that (erroneous) notion that I'm tripping over. Naturally, if what I thought was true, then the glasses I wear for driving or the ones I use for reading wouldn't work. At least I can get a glimmer of understanding with this as opposed to my concept of electricity: it doesn't exist except in the realm of magic.
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This is a very old topic, but one I am still interested in. For the record I have a Panasonic FZ10 with an EVF. I wear reading glasses onlyand the diopter correction is just fine for me.

My problem now is FINDING a good, small pocket camera with a diopter correction on it. Most of them don't seem to have it for some reason. It's terribly annoying to have to take your glasses on and off using the LCD. Does anyone have any experience with this? If you wear reading glasses and own a small pocket camera (like the Canon SD110 or other) can you see through the viewfinder w/o your glasses? Do the photos come out good and clear? Thanks! :?
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