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barteck Jul 12, 2005 12:35 PM

Hi. Can you bring me some ideas to connect camera for ex. Canon 350D or Sony DSC V1 directly to computer. I'm thinking about somethingi can put instead memory card, which could send pictures (by-wire or wireless) to receiver in my comp. Distance between is about 6 meters. Have you ever met something like this??
Thanks in advance foryour help.

Barteck - Poland

sjms Jul 13, 2005 7:22 AM

its called tethered operation. the 1 Series cameras do it via wifi or firewire. the 20D and the 350D also has this feature too via USB. i believe the wifi does not work for the 350D though. i really wouldn't go that direction yet though (a work in progress) and also about $800US more.

the limits on USB/USB2 i believe are 16 ft for the cable and system to operate optimally though there are 3rd party inline repeaters (signal renenerators)that are available. no guarentees there.

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