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Default Direct/Card Photo Printer & Camera

hi all, i am not a camera person and won't pretend to be. did go thru reviews here on Direct Photo/Card Photo printers (which i only heard of tonite and know they're exactly what i want). saw HiTi makes 'em, and Canon has the CP-200 & 300, think the HP 245 was one, etc.

then there's the issue of PowerShot and Pict-Bridge(sp?) this is so far beyond me i don't even want to know..also couldn't figure out how to zero-in on reviews for those types of cameras.

Here's what i want to do, any camera/printer-combo suggestions welcome (here or private)

will be traveling a lot and at this point do not want to take a computer. when i saw an ad for this pc-less direct print setup knew it was my ticket.

both Camera and Printer should be:

> SIMPLE to operate.
> small as possible, tho i have no need for the 'tiniest' or 'techie-est'.
> decent to good quality prints, doesn't have to be at the level most of you would want. i'm just looking to record my travels, and not on a computer.
> price is not much of a consideration, long as we're not talking thousands for the combined purchase.

additional query: when searching, ran across a review elsewhere of a guy (in Europe) who bought this type printer, and it ran paper that--best i could tell--Had the ink in it. is this possible or did i misread his review?

i have read the caveat on Not asking 'which camera', but fact is it's you folks or some guy at Fry's. think the better combo-suggestions would be here..

appreciate any recommendations,

[email protected]
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ok, in a continuing effort not to be an Info-Parasite, i've found that 'powershot' appears to be a Canon line. the 'Elph' cameras look promising and--best i can tell--some are compatible with the Canon CP printers (and have PictBridge).

how am i doing?
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Why would you lug around a printer? afaik these things are not meant to be portable.

Youre probably better of using an image tank device, a portable harddisk where you can offload your photo's to, and at home you can sort out the pictures you want to print, and wich not.

look at steves reviews of "Image Storage Devices" (scroll down)
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"Why would you lug around a printer?"

Marc, cause i'll be gone for weeks, sometimes months at a time. doing the RV thing and want to record places i explore. it's part of the fun. as Tablet PCs improve and prices come down on satellite systems, my choices will change.

unless i'm misunderstanding the info on units like the Canon CP
200 & 300, they are _small_, and designed for portability.

*think* either one of those would work well for my purposes, now i'm trying to sort thru compatible cameras..

thanks for responding,
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I can speak to the HiTi printers ( www.hitouchimaging.com) and HP 245. The HiTi 630ps or 640ps required no computer to print your pictures. You need to check the site to determine which printer accepts which memory cards. The 640ps accepts more cards than the 630ps. The cost per print is 40 cents. You ordered photo packs that come 50 pics and ribbon per pack and the pack cost $20. I use www.newegg.com for my purchases of supplies and printers Here is a link to the 640ps


Here is a link to the 630ps


The prints on the HiTi printers have a protective coat on them during the printing process and will last forever. They are even waterproof.

The HP 245 is about half the size of the HiTi printers and will cost you $200 almost anywhere. The cost per print will run about 25 cents per print. It is an inkjet printer and uses 4X6 paper and the HP57 ink cartridge. The printer will provide very good pictures but not quite as good as the HiTi printer. I purchased the printer for my son for Christmas.

These two printers allow you to insert your memory card into them and print directly from the memory card. They provide very good print copies in 4X6 size. Neither printer can print larger prints. Neither printer requires a computer and you can take them anywhere. You can buy a car adpater for the HP printer.

If I take a trip, I always take my printer with me.
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thank you So much for the helpful and info-filled reply. been using it to search the past 2-3 hours.

quick question for you: according to the reviews here, neither brand mentioned has this new PictBridge technology. even having read about it, still unsure what it is.

in your opinion, is PictBridge something i should be concerned about?

Karen, back to searching/reading
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