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Actually, that thought came to mind when I mentioned in my first post about it that the entire kit would fit into a suitcase. I should probably do that, rather than leaving the separate items on a shelf.

I told my wife I'm staying here if they evacuate the area for a hurricane or anything like that. I'm only half kidding. I can remember when we were living in the Atlanta area a while back, and they evacuated this area (areas along the coast like Savannah). We had a house full of relatives that came from Savannah after the evacuation order; and the stories they told about actually getting to us didn't make it sound like very much fun. So, I'd be half inclined to risk staying in the home here if we got that type of order and "take my chances", since it is a pretty sturdy brick home, climbing to the roof it need be if it ever did flood enough to worry about it. I wouldn't recommend anyone else do that though, and I have been known to be a bit "hard headed".

But, I have some experience with the areas that are prone to flooding around here, too. We lived in Savannah when I was growing up, in a subdivision not to far from where my wife and I live now (on the other side of Abercorn in Savannah). The subdivision we lived in when I was growing up here was flooded one time, with boats being used for transportation. We had the only home on the street we lived on that wasn't flooded (it was up on a higher hill compared to the surrounding homes). Yet, the area my wife and I live in right now was not underwater (it's a little further inland). That's been many years ago, and AFAIK, it's never happened since in that area. It was some type of unique combination of a storm, high tide from lunar gravity, etc. But, I still remember it. LOL
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