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Default DIY Repair? (Ricoh RDC-2)

Granted it's an old camera - one of the reasons I'm asking this. The lens cover does not retract reliably when I switch to REC mode - it will slide open readily of its own weight (and equally likely slide closed) in REC mode, and it IS closed by the camera when I turn the switch off. I'm sure that the cost of having this repaired professionally will be far more than the cost of picking up a used RDC-2 on EBaY, so...

Does anyone have a diagram revealing the disassembly of this camera, or any words of wisdom? My guess is that a spring normally pulls the cover open, and that the spring is broken or detached (I could be way wrong here). I prefer to have some documentation before I open the camera up.

I have emailed Ricoh and have not yet gotten a reply.

Thanks for any assistance,

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I've got a Philips badged version of a Ricoh. As you say it's not worth paying to get it fixed. It sounds a simple problem. You're unlikely to get any info. It's not the most popular of cameras so I'd say what have you got to lose? You need jewellers screwdrivers and tweezers, an illuminated magnifying glass, loupe, patience, still hands AND a clean area.

You will have at least 2 problems: Learning how to open up the camera without breaking anything or going in a hard way. And accidentally breaking any part which you're unlikely to get a spare for. If you can take macro pics at every stage and keep notes, it helps with re-assembly and you can post info to help others.

If you're used to working with micro electronic components you should have more confidence. If you haven't and fixing your car is about your limit, find a friend who does this kind of work or repairs watches as they'd have the dexterity skills. Watch out for any sneaky 'click together' case fittings. Manufacturers may incorporate these to cause self destruction if you try forcing apart without springing the locking tabs! Good Luck. VOX
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