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For example, myCanonA520 has a 'Foliage' scene mode. Typically, for foliage, I will simply use Auto mode. Do you think there is a benefit to using the Foliage mode?
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The scene modeshave some camera settings built in to get the best possible exposure. The foliage mode is more than likely set to -2/3 stops. Now if youknew that you should set youcamera to -2/3 whenphotographing green foliage you could do that in manual mode. Auto mode is probably not going to do this for you. Most people that are buying the point shoot cameras to take pictures of their kids birthdays, probablydon't know things like this so that isone of the reasons for the scene modes, the other being the a lot of p&s cameras don't have the manual adjustments you would need for someof the scene modes. Auto Mode is still going to probably get you some pretty good pictures, but the scene modes may get you better exposure.
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When I was using a P&S I very rarely used the scene modes, mainly only when trying both them and auto one after the other, and almost always finding auto produced a better picture (in my opinion at least).
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I only use the scene modes to see what they will do then plug those settingsin the manual mode.
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