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I have recently bought a Nikon D70s and am very impressed. I am now looking for a fast lens for low light conditions and can get a normal 50mm f/1.4 (AF) lens for a good price. Apart from the 50mm becoming a 75mm lens, what other side effects can I expect?

I see everyone now promoting lenses designed for the digital sensor size being smaller than 35mm film, but will I sacrifice anything by staying with a 35mm type lens?

Any help with be appreciated!
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Since problems with lenses normally shows up at the outside edges of the image circle, a lens designed for a full frame 35mm camera will be better on a dSLR with a smaller sensor since it only uses the center part. The advantage of a lens specifically designed for a smaller sensor is price - it is cheaper to build a lens with a smaller image circle.

With very short lenses, there is a possibility a lens designed for full frame might not work as well with digital since the light reaching the sensor is not coming straight on. That can cause some problems since the sensor/micro lens/filter system in the digital sensor is thicker than film. Not sure if this is a theoretical problem or one that has actually been seen.
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I have read some posts by some knowledgeable people that its possible to make a wide angles for digital use that wouldn't suffer from some of the problems they do with film. I don't know if its true, but I have no reason to disbelieve them. Correcting more than just that they use the center of the lens (which does help some.) I think it had to do with pincushing and barrel distortion, but I honestly don't remember the exact issues.

But in general a film lens will perform better on digital for the reason that Drew gave.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was worried that I might see some vignetting or other side effects. I must comment that it is sooooo nice to shoot with a SLR again after a few years of point & shoot digitals!

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