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Default Does anyone have a working 5+ year old digicam?

does anyone still have an old camera that works?

I have a 5 year old canon A75.

it's a piece of crap. The sony ccd sensor they used is cheap, and dies every 2-3 years, giving black photos with purple streaks.

I don't shoot many photos. After canon first fixed the ccd in 2006, I've maybe shot 300 pictures total up till today.

now, my ccd has crapped out again with the same problem.

I'm considering a cheap replacement cam. But I want something that will last more than just 3 years of light use before something breaks.
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Default Two relics

Originally Posted by link626 View Post
...does anyone still have an old camera that works?...
Yes, I have two..

a Casio QV-5700 purchased in September 2003...

...and a Sanyo S4, purchased in September 2005, but that model dates from 2004. I see I have kept 645 images from the Sanyo, and 4004 from the Casio.

I still use the 5Mpix Casio occasionally, because...

(a) it's the only camera I have at present with an external flash sync socket, and...

(b) because it has a 5-step bracketing facility with steps up to 1EV, i.e., up to +/-5EV, useful when trying to photograph brightly lit flowers, for example. (Thinks: must get it out and try HDR with it.)

...and I have recently resurrected my son's little used (since cameraphones arrived) 4Mpix Sanyo, for my 80-year old mother-in-law, who is otherwise using an APS film camera. When trying it out, I discovered it's the best I've got for macro shots, with a 20mm closest focus, and I used it in the 'biweekly shoot-out' here at...


It has the useful facility of one -touch +/- EV adjustment using a live preview on the LCD screen. Here is a specimen mother-in-law took yesterday, of her husband at his birthday party and her grandson, followed by a 1:1, pixel for pixel clip from the same image...
Attached Images

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I have a 3MP Nikon CoolPix 880 that I still use occasionally when I don't want to carry around my dSLR. I've never had any trouble with it.
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My Minolta Dimage 7hi from 2003 has had its CCD replaced (under the recall program) 2 years ago, and is working fine.
I have seen that some cameras of this and older vintages are beginning to have problems retaining date/time and user settings, as the memory power batteries are reaching the end of their lives. Most of these are sealed inside the camera housing and not made to be user replaceable. The one exception to this that I am aware of is my Pentax *ist D, which does have an external access cover.

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My Kodak DC5000 is still operational. 2MP but can still make an 8x10 if the nut behind the viewfinder gets everything right.

A. C.
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I still have a 4mp Casio from 2003. It still works fine and was one of the first digicams with a 2-inch LCD. Image quality was also among the best in its day. Its output is still good enough for 8x10s (or even larger if one is shooting in good light).
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I have a Nikon Coolpix 5700 and 3100. No trouble with either.

This is surprising since many people have had sensor problems with the 5700. I got it refurbished, so maybe the sensor crapped-out early and it was replaced before I got it.

In the new issue of Consumer Reports magazine, there is a section on both p&s and SLR digital cameras. In a poll of 275,000 digicam owners who bought their cameras between 2004 and 2008, they found that most cameras are very reliable, and that few differences exist between brands as far as the need for repair or the development of serious problems.

link626, maybe you've just been unlucky.

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Originally Posted by granthagen View Post
link626, maybe you've just been unlucky.


i'm unlucky that i bought a cam that turned out to have crappy ccd connectors.

but i'm not the only unlucky one. many others have had the ccd die multiple times.

Under the Canon recall program, I can keep sending it in repeatedly to have them bandaid the ccd again. They pay postage both ways.

oh well. it's their money.

if this were any other camera model, I'd be shiet outta luck. If i buy a new cam, i do not want to have to go through this.
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I've got a Nikon Coolpix 950 that still works fine (my wife is borrowing it from time to time now). I think I got it around 9 years ago. It's also using a Sony CCD sensor (only 2MP though). ;-)

As you're no doubt aware, Sony had a design problem with some of their CCD sensors, leading to service bulletins from a number of camera manufacturers using them (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Ricoh, and more). The problem tends to manifest itself when the camera is used in hot and humid environments.

But, I've also seen similar sensor issues from Fuji (which makes their own sensors) and others like Panasonic and Leica models using Panasonic sensors. Note that like Sony, Panasonic is a large manufacturer of sensors used in a variety of other manufacturer's cameras, too.
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Original Canon digital rebel (2003)....use it all the time. 6MP--want to replace it, but just bought the panasonic ZS3 as I truly needed a p&s.
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