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FredS Jan 20, 2011 1:57 PM

Does shutter speed affect Noise ?
Does shutter speed affect Noise and IQ ?
I have an E-520
I was doing some shooting 2 weeks ago. At sunset and very cloudy
set ISO to 800, shutter 100-200
Took a couple of pictures in better light yesterday
forgot to lower ISO ISO 800 shutter 800 to 1000

Yesterdays ISO 800 shots were almost free of nose
and much more clear and sharper.

Is this common

Thanks in advance

tclune Jan 20, 2011 2:38 PM

No, the point is that good light makes for good photos regardless of ISO. There is still some degradation with high ISO, but the big problem is dark photos at high ISO -- in dark regions, a +/- 1 bit variation makes for a blotchy region (if the greyscale value is 2 +/- 1, you have tremendous relative error). In a sunny photo, where most of the image is in the 130ish greyscale range, that same +/- 1 bit is not noticeable. I hope that's clear...

BillDrew Jan 20, 2011 8:06 PM

Yes shutter speed does have an effect on noise, but that generally doesn't show up until you get much slower than you noted.

Were both sets of photos taken at the same focal length? And was that on the long end of your zoom? If so, you might be looking at shake instead of noise in your first set.

JustinThyme Jan 23, 2011 10:47 AM

+1 on camera shake. Shutter speed doesnt induce noise but a low shutter speed with a less than perfectly steady hand and motionless subject will give you blur making images appear less sharp. general rule with a steady hand is 1/focal length but that applies mostly to telephoto as with a 35mm lens that puts you at 1/35 If at all possible I try and keep it in the 1/300 range if possible or use a lens with image stabilization. it gets tricky at times. Like when I take moon shots. Im using around 1/250 but add that to the distance and even breathing too hard on the camera body will induce blur. To account for this I either use the timer on the camera or a remote shutter release with camera on a tripod so Im not touching it. Even the mirror slap can induce blur so Im also using mirror lock up.

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