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I don,t understand What you all mean by DOF.

i,ve been readin in here every night to try and learn some things,but i have a differeent camera than whats been posted about.

I have the FujiFilm 2700.

anyways i figured although my camera since being a new model and so far i,ve only seen myself and 1 other member being an owner of this model,some if not much of the info posted in this forum on other models would still relate quiet a bit to my camera too.

anyways,DOF,where do i find the setting for this on my camera,I see you talking about F6,F8,etc,is this to do with DOF?

please gimmie lots of info,but keep it in easy terms for me,i,m new to having a digi cam with so many setting/features.

lol my older canon only have very very few settings to use,mainly auto,P&S literly.
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Have a look at http://www.dpreview.com/learn/?/Glos...f_Field_01.htm

And you have a Fujifilm Mx-2700 ?

That was released in 1999, its an obsolete 2mp model, so its not surprising virtually no one else is still using it.
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Simply put DOF is the amount of area in front of and behind you main focus point that appears to be in focus. The more that appears in focus the more DOF you have.

DOF is a factor of many things (lens, subject distance etc.) but mainly it is controlled via the lens apertures. The smaller the aperture (ie the larger F/ numbers) the more DOF you have.

Cameras such as your FujiFilm 2700. Use a small image censer Thus shorter focal length lenses and therefore have greater DOF. This is good for landscapes etc. but not so good for isolating a subject such as an outdoor portrait.
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no its not a Fujifilm Mx-2700

it's a FujiFilm s700


scroll all the way towards the bottom to see DSLR/ DSLR-style and you,ll see my model as well as "new"

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CoolD wrote:
I don't understand What you all mean by DOF.
Actually, I think the FujiFilm FinePix S70 has an image sensor about 4mm by 6mm, so it has a pretty large depth of field. With a larger image sensor, as you would find in a dSLR, you can manipulate the focus and aperture such that the subject is in focus, but items in the foreground and/or the background will be out of focus. This is a shallow (or short ornarrow)depth of field. It gives the photographer more creative control over the image.
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DOF is an acronym for Depth Of Field. It is explained well by tjsnaps.
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