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I'm looking to do full body portrait photography, probably a lot of black and white too. I plan on buying a backdrop for most of it, but some will be shot in an abandoned wearhouse or forest setting. My question is, what camera would be OK for that? I was originally looking at a Canon EOS 300D, but it's a bit out of my price range. I'm not sure I need a digital SLR, and I was also looking at the Canon Powershot S1 and Minolta Dimage Z2 (moreso the Z2). Are those good choices, or is there something else that would be better suited to what I'd like to do with it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Are you planning on doing this professionally or just as a hobby? If it's just a hobby then just about any camera will pretty much do the job for you. If you plan on doing it professionally, you shouldn't skimp on equipment.
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For the time being, just as a hobby. Sometime in the near future, however, I'd like to turn it into a 'paying' hobby

Considering I'll be doing mostly portrait photography, are there any camera features that I just wouldn't really need? I'm looking to spend about $400-$500 tops; considering what I plan on doing with it, would there be a particular camera that excels at that sort of thing, such as skin tones and a lot of shadowing?

Thanks for the reply!
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Suggest you keep saving for awhile, rather than wasting money on a "toy" in the beginning. You'll want a dSLR with a larger image plane or even full frame (most CCDs, like those on the Z2, are very tiny). As well, you'll have to spend money on lights and strobes...you should probably budget at least $2000 for a basic setup.

As for what you don't want, stay away from long zoom cameras like the Pro1 and Z2...they're great for general use photography but not for portrait photography. Many portrait photographers swear by a 100mm lens. A long zoom camera has to make compromises for both the widest angle and the closest telephoto (one of the biggest annoyances with long zooms is chromatic aberration or purple fringe, not good for a paid portrait).

Suggest you hit the "Flash(Studio)" and other forums along studio and portrait topics. Also, check out the book, "Mastering flash photography : a course in basic to advanced lighting techniques" which covers studio/portrait lighting (check out the library for this and other books on portrait/studio photography).

To be candid though, if I was having my portrait done and they had a Z2 or Pro1, I'd laugh and walk out! A full-frame dSLR (or SLR) would still really be a joke for a serious portrait photographer (I'd only take medium format or large format seriously, but you'd be spending at least $10,000 for the digital back, not including the camera body and lens).
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I say save up for a dslr but if that's not gonna happen you need to at least have something with full manual controls, and a hot shoe to connect to external lighting. At least 6mp and try to get one where you can add filters and add-on lenses and stuff. Also It should be able to shoot in raw.
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