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John Kunz Nov 29, 2003 1:52 PM

Don't buy JVC
Just wanted to post a little holiday shopping advice on purchasing a video cam. Don't buy JVC. I did about a year ago( JVC GR-DVM90 digital video camera) and although the camera is a pleasure to operate, playing back the tape for viewing will result in the destruction of that tape after a few playbacks. It's happened to me and after confronting JVC about this problem they told me to go jump off a cliff, in so many words. The owners manual lists 52 symptoms in the troubleshooting guide and guess what, not a mention of tape deterioration due to playback. When contacted the company tried to place blame on the cassette, but the cassette I used was a JVC specified by the factory. When I took the camera in to be serviced for this problem,upon picking it up and paying a $55.00 fee, the tech at Sharper Video and Audio basically laughed and said there was nothing wrong with the camera, and didn't I know that the cassette tapes were only good for a few playbacks until the tape suffered severe damage. Silly me. I thought I could watch tapes I had made through the camera without downloading them to a different video tape. It seems the company would mention this problem of tape longevity or excessive wear caused by the playback heads but according to JVC this problem does not exist. As a result I have lost an irreplaceable tape due to the JVC's inability to admit that their heads cause excessive wear. I challenge the spineless execs at JVC to prove me wrong as I have full documentation to prove my case. Anyhow the moral of the story is DON'T BUY JVC(Just Vicious Conartists) :evil:

sjms Nov 30, 2003 12:11 AM

did we mention we deal in digital still cameras here.

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