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Default Don't take THAT Workshop...

...Save Your Money and Learn via Observation and research

In most cases, those teaching the workshops do NOT exist in my or other metiers representing a variety of photographic catagories. Other than making a s**t load of money on doing workshops, they are workshop photographers only. They DO N O T exist elsewhere. They are not known for any real successes where we professionals reside and on the terrain we compete in!

So for all intent and purpose, the photographers who teach these workshops never really succeeded in photography. They are part of the new category...the "workshop photographer". There are exceptions to the rule of course. I can count them on my hands.

Ask Questions to get answers!
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G'day Mate

I am saddened by your extremely narrow view of 'training' and the implication that those people in the training industry are there to [mostly] "making a s**t load of money on doing workshops"

By implication you are saying that one can better "Learn via Observation and research" thus learn to drive a car, to fly an aeroplane, or to cook a fine 3-course meal for the family simply by observation. If this is the case, I hope not to be driving my car / being a passenger in an aeroplane under the control of someone who has "learned by observation" and thus has a licence from the cornflakes box on the kitchen table

Across the country there are many thousands of car driving instructors making a financial living training others to drive competently and safely ... without those driving instructors needing to become Nascar drivers to 'prove' their 'superior' driving skills.

To be a competent driver / photographer / chef one certainly needs to have vision coupled with specific skills in a very narrow field. To be a photography workshop trainer one needs many, many skills well above those needed to create the scene, set the subject and click the shutter

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True, there is money in teaching photography and it's easier to make money doing that rather then actually photographing for a living. I have no formal training but have considered what it would take to hold workshops.

True, you can teach yourself if you make the commitment to learn.
But there is an in-between too. There are legitimate photographers that teach at schools for cinematography and a lot of legitimate photographers do hold workshops.

There are so many different types of workshops that maybe worth it just for a photography vacation with like-minded people.

Ive seen a couple that really interest me more for the locations, models and accomadations provided rather then the training. Although you would have to learn something from a trip like that wouldn't you?

I'm a mostly self taught enthusiast who has a career other then photography. From my experience, there's no end to what you can learn in this industry.

The basic fundamentals of the camera and composition, lighting and post processing. There's a lot to learn and master including the hardest part for me, networking and connecting with potential models.

As with anything in life there are always those who take advantage of the naive, gullible and uneducated. And sometimes even knowledgeable people get taken advantage of.

Do your homework before you sign up for any workshop. And make sure it is for you.

But most of all enjoy what you do. Photography can be a lot of fun.
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Nobody's great at everything. No photographer is even very good at every photographic discipline. I once saw a tutorial video of a fashion photographer talking about how to shoot sports. He was wrong on a colossal scale about so many things.

Each discipline requires specific skills and gear, and anyone that crosses lines will be lost despite how capable they are in their favored discipline.

You wouldn't ask a brain surgeon how to fly a 747, or even how to perform surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, and far too often, is asking an expert in one field about something in another field.

People have multiple skills, and sometimes among those skills is teaching. That doesn't mean they're experts in what they teach. It just means they're good at teaching and they've sufficiently researched the subject to the point that they know more than their audience.

That is not to say that an acknowledged expert in one discipline wouldn't find fault in one aspect of what that teacher taught, much like I recognized some glaring errors in how that fashion photographer was teaching about how to shoot sports.

Experience replaces nothing, but nothing replaces experience. Learning from experience is always best, but there's nothing wrong with trying to stand on someone else's shoulders. Just make sure their shoulders are up to it.
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It is said: "A wise man can learn more from a fool, than a fool can learn from a wise man."
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