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EOS RT wrote:
When I look at the two photos in this thread, and read how they were created, I cannot consider this to be photography. Yes, they are interesting images - but their entire existence is owed to devices and techniques which are not domains of photography - i.e. computers and software.
I'm sorry, but you say this like 35mm colour silver halide always was the domain of photography. I belong to a camera club that's been in existance since 1888, and over the years there have been MANY times where something new has come along and the old timers have said, "that's not photography...true photography is..." Yet here we are going through it again.

Colour? True photography is black and white or sepia.
Slides? True photography is prints!
Plastic negatives? No, true photography is with glass plates.

Phototography is an evolving media, you either keep up with it or you're an antique, and eventually out of it completely.

Anyway, those pictures (with some skill) could be done in the darkroom just as well as they can be done on the computer. All you need is different exposures set on a tripod, and on an enlarger using a mask to cover all but the subject for all the exposures except the first one where you get the background. And yes, I have played with blending multiple exposures in the darkroom.

True photography is developing your own pictures, not taking the film to a lab! ;-)
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