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Hello all,

I'm glad I found this place as I am in need of some help..

I work for a transport company and am in charge of our 'Quality' program, which includes, amongst other things, our freight imaging program. Freight imaging insures us against loss by being able to prove trailers were loaded properly, or freight arrived damaged and was not caused on our premises. We currently have 36+ cameras in the program, and that number is sure to grow. I have a full time staff member whose job is downloading the cameras, and then uploading them to our database using the information contained on a whiteboard in the pictures - trailer number and destination. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to automate the downloading process? Can some sort of file be placed on the camera that will instruct windows how to name the file (CAM# 001.jpg, CAM# 002.jpg, etc) and where to place it? We have a folder for each camera set up on the freight imaging computer that is emptied daily as the cameras are uploaded. We seperate it this way so that we can track how many pics from each camera, who is and who is not taking pictures, etc. Ultimatley we could save a bit of time if the camera could just be plugged in and the transfer would start automatically, with the correct name, destination, and then deleting the files afterward. We currently use all Nikon cameras as we buy them direct, refurbed for about $30/per L4.

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You may want to talk to your IT staff about developing a custom application for that purpose, with the help of a Nikon Software Developer Kit (SDK).

You'll find links to the applications here for the U.S. If you're not in the U.S., check with Nikon in the area you're living in.



Well... it looks like the SDK doesn't cover their Coolpix models. So, you may need to find another way to do it.

You may want to check out some of the available products designed to assist with downloading images, too (they may be able to do most of what you want). Here's one example:


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