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Default DPOTD Has Steve cghanged the rules.

Steves DPOTD for Friday 25 July shows a cycle racer in sharp focus against a background of apparently totally motion-blurred other racers. I find it hard to believe that this is a single digicam picture with the slight adjustments to brightness or contrast that is the limit that Steve allows. I am more inclined to the belief that it is either a combination of two photographs, or it is a single photograph that has been significantly modified, and as such would not normally be considered acceptable for the competition.
Just to make it clear, I have no bios since not being a resident of the USA, I am banned from entering the competition anyway. [I have had dpotd twice prior to the ban being imposed].
So I ask the question, have the rules changed, or are they just being more loosely interpreted.?
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Well, I have to agree that the photo would be rejected by the panel, according to these rules that were stipulated:

"We prefer that pictures be as "out of the camera" as possible with only minor graphic manipulation of brightness, sharpness, color correction or the like. This isn't a fine art competition, the purpose is to show the quality of pictures that average users get out of digital cameras. "

The photo was clearly MAJORLY manipulated. The cropping is VERY visible in several locations and the blurred riders are clearly copies with a motion blur applied. It would be in the "intermediate" category for manipulation, but it is a nice photo.

According to the rules, the photos are submitted and randomly posted, if at all. So, I infer that no person is judging each monthly photo then posting it. The computer is simply picking a random photo from those collected.

I think it would be safe to assume that this photo won't make it.
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With all due respect...perhaps an American took the photo

With respect to the photo...I love it. It symbolizes for me
the incredible gradeur, talent, courage and physical fitness
needed to simply qualify, let alone win the the Tour de France.

Years ago, I rode a bicycle for a living also...not as a racer
so I can empathize with falls, riding while hurt or ill or both
and riding in foul weather.

With all due respect...I suggest that Steve be given a
pass on this one.

His web site and selfless, all-consuming devotion to it
benefits all of us who visit the forum.

Thanks for listening
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Every now and then we "bend" the rules when we come across an exceptional photo. I still prefer "out of the camera" photos with only minor cropping or color correction, I don't want to have to judge "fine art" photos.

And isn't that the race called the "Tour de Lance" :?:

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Default DPOTD Rules

I of course accept your explanation, since the DOPTD competition is surely a light hearted affair not to be taken too seriously.

In a somewhat different hobby, but one still involving subjective judgement, my wife recently placed second in a flower arranging competition. The arrangement had to be no more than 26" wide and 30" tall. Placing my wife's entry second, the judge explained that although the winning arrangement was much taller than the prescribed 30", it was such a wonderful arrangement, she was still awarding it first place. My wife was not a lttle displeased. Having to pander to subjective judgement is bad enough, but having established rules, it would not seem unreasonable to expext all to adhere to them. Even the judges.
In the case of DPOTD, we have the complication that what is actually acceptable, is also a matter of subjectve judgement.

As for the cycling image, I have son who lives in Italy and is a very keen cyclist. I asked him to look at the picture, and I found his slant on it to be very interesting. He is not a photographic enthusiast. He disliked the picture because he regards cycling as a team sport, and showing one cyclist with an apparent disconnection from those around him, he saw as misrepresenting the team aspects of the race.
Perhaps once again we have a stereotypical image of speed, enjoyed by photographers, but misrepresentative of the emotion of the subject matter. But I fully understand why it will be seen a stunning by those who follow this forum.
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HUH?? Why only American entrants?
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Originally Posted by Alfisti
HUH?? Why only American entrants?
For those wondering about why only American entrants, check out this thread where Steve previously answered the question:

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Originally Posted by steve
And isn't that the race called the "Tour de Lance" :?:
LOL! :lol:

On Saturday night I was out with my family and I asked if anyone had heard how the Tour de Lance was going.
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