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My friend has a Kodak Easy Share DX-4530 camera. Last weekend he accidentally dropped it...not a really "hard" drop, but enough apparently to shake it up considerably as now nothing on the menu works. It still records pics on the card, and the card can be read, etc. but he can't change any functions, flash, etc. that has to go through the menu.

ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including advice on where to send it to get repairs done cheaper if anyone has had good luck. It's barely out of warranty, and he didn't get an extended.
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If he dropped it, it would not be covered under warranty anyway, but he could still call the cusomer service number provided on the original warranty card and talk with the service people at Kodak. You never know what they might do. Otherwise, they can tell him how much to fix it.
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I dropped my old KODAK DX3215. The first KODAK cam I have ever had. It was out of warrenty when I sent it in for repairs. Mind you the camera did nothing. It was nothing more then a paper weight. KODAK sent me another camera back ( not the one I sent in ) and my cost was $26 bucks. I was so impressed that I'm now on my third KODAK. I'm not a pro nor am I a pro-am photographer. I don't pretent to be. I'm a consumer,With all the troubles I had with my CANON EOS Rebel 35mm camera with no support from CANON whats so ever I now take my snapshots and spend my money with those that have serviced me with product support. After having three CONON cameras I'll not consume another.

PS: the KODAK DX3215 is now taking snapshots in IRAQ with my Son.
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Throw yourself (or your friend) at the mercy of Kodak - for little P&S cams they seem to be quite liberal - you might be pleasantly surprised. They have been around for close to a hundred years and know the value of customers.
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Remember that digicams are much like computers: try rebooting by taking the batteries out long enough for the camera to lose track of the date/time. Not real likely to solve the problem, but worth trying.
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