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Default DSLR Monitors

I had thought the monitor on most (but not all) DSLRs worked in 'real time' as well as review. I'm told none of them do. Is this correct?
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Yes, this is due to the way all DSLR sensors are made, with perhaps the exception of the old E-10/20 which did have a live feed from its ccd.
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Yes, that's correct--what Alberto said above is true. The imaging sensors in dSLRs are unable to capture and transmit live video, which is essentially what the CCDs in the smaller digicams are doing. The imaging sensor in a dSLR is optimized for 1 thing only-and that's recording a still photograph. In general, dSLRs have seperate "systems" to cover all the camera functions which is what makes them considerably faster than digicams, which use their CCD for just about everything (live video/viewing, focusing, exposure, and image capture).
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...and the reason live (real time) LCD viewing isn't possible with most dSLRs is because there is a mirror mechanically inserted into the light path between the lens and the sensor. This mirror is angled at 45 degrees to reflect the image that the lens sees up to the penta prism viewfinder. This allows you to see the real image through the lens optically, just as it would be seen by the sensor when the mirror is flipped up out of the way. Because the sensor is blocked, there can be no image to display.

The Oly E-10/20 used a clever optical beam splitter in lieu of a mirror to divert half of the light coming from the lens up to the penta prism and half of the light is allowed to pass through to the sensor. With this optical configuration the sensor and the optical view finder can view the same image in real time, but it is a compromise in that both the view finder and the sensor receive less light than a dSLR with a conventional mirror set up.
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Besides the mirror, the shutter is in the way too.
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