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aladyforty wrote:
Monza76Con: - no image preview in LCD.

I dont know if this is such a con really, I have got used to it again and I really feel it is easier to shoot better photos in this manner.
Until you have used one it is hard to decribe because it is better and worse at the same time. A few simple examples are that when I take macros I no longer have to bend way over. I can even hold the camera over a crowd and still frame the shot.

At the same time I miss myold split prism focus aid. Actually I expect the DSLR people with figureout a way to give bothin a generation or two.

aladyforty wrote:
Monza76Chako, >>>>Pricier. Can buy body only, and they never come with a memory card. Extra lenses are the true cost. Some savings to be had with kit lens if offered.>>>>>>

I must have been very lucky when I got my DSLR recently, came with a standard lens up to 135m I think and I had thrown in a 90 to 300mm lens and two uv filters to protect my lenses and free cleaning of lenes anytime and somephoto paper.All this for
2,299.00 or in American dollars
1,639.42 USD

I dont know if you would class this as cheap but in Australia things are not that cheap anyway.

Yes I'll assume you did get a good buy. But its hard for us to judge over here (a similar outfit is about $1200 here in the US).

The base price of a 300D (I'm assuming that is the camera you are referring to) is about $800 here in the US discounted it is running about $700. So based on that the lenses still are about the same cost asaPanasonic FZ-10. Oh and by the way theFZ10 is an f2.8 over the entire range of 35-420mm and Image Stabilized to boot. The FZ10 glassis made by Leica. How much do you think such a lens would cost for a Canon or Nikon DSLR :?.

Are the DSLR people getting ripped off on the glass prices? Not in my opinion.A lot of other factors come into it, number of elements, size of the elements, size and power of the motors needed, lower quantity sales.

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Yes, I should have ended my quick list with this......

There is always the exception to the rule.

Yes, prices are high in Australia. They are high in Canada as well. A DRebel with kit lens goes for $1300 Canadian.

I priced some L glass from Canon, and the cheapest two lenses..the 17-40 L and the 70-200 f4 L are $999 each. Kind of hard to justify as I walk into a hardware store, and see that nice 15" planer for the same price.
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