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The $1799 of any d-SLR is only a starting price. With a wide enough 28mm lens that the D7hi offer, one'll have to go a more expensive superwide with the multiplying factor on the SD9, and also need a second lens for regular shots. This is when the lightness of the 7Hi comes into play, and it's definetly a quick shooter!
Yes, an EVF is much more convenient than trying to see an LCD in bright light - of course if you really need the LCD one can use an Xtend-a-View, etc., but the EVF has its advantages. Of course in good lighting conditions, there would be few times when the SLR TTL optical would not be the obvious choice.

The 1.7x crop factor of the SD9 makes wide angle quite problematic, and even with an expensive wide angle lens, it wouldn't be my choice of tools. On the other hand, if one spends more time at the telephoto end of the spectrum, the SD9 offers the obvious advantages. No question that the Minolta is more convenient, as are all fixed lens solutions. But if one consders image quality, then it's another world entirely. For amenable conditions and subjects, I've not seen cleaner or sharper output from anything than the X3's (Foveon sensor) captures.

Lens costs, image quality and overall versatility versus convenience and some compromise. I would think the choice would greatly depend on expectations and need.

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I agree with you on the technical advantage of X3's Foveon sensor... May be in it's next incarnation as a 6Mp it'll give the competition a lot of run for the money.

Also I see EVF as an alternative (and not a replacement to optics which has its quality). I also admit I'll be one of the first to get an EVF based interchangeable SLR if one ever come out... I love its nimble advantage and the electronic conveniences. One can always use existing film cameras for optics (and weight)!
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