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Ive recently loaded images onto the PC to edit them in software to remove red-eye before printing them out, most of the images were edited with canons software but some i had to edit myself in photoshop cs 2.

The problem with the images ive edited in photoshop and saved is that it is not allowing me to put those images back onto the memory card, and gives me an error message saying the image wasnt taken with a canon camera or was edited after taking and wont be viewable on the camera.

Im sure there is a simple and easy solution to this problem, but i cant seem to find it, any help is much appreciated; as i want to put the pics back on the memory card so I can give it to a friend to get them printed out.

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Don't use the camera's software to copy them back into the card. Use the virtual drive that's created for your flash. Then just drag and drop them.

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The problem is that you destroyed the embedded Exif info that identifies the image as being a valid camera image when you wrote the file back after editing. Many editors do this unfortunately or add more of their info to the Exif data. Try using the TVWriter program, it works for most cameras.


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thanks for the replies

im afraid none of the solutions posted work.

the tvwriter software doesnt solve the problem after converting it and i cannot drag and drop files onto the memory card within windows, it doesnt say an error message or anything but the files never appear on the memory card after the drag and drop.

Is there not a way to generate exif information for an image so it is compatible with a canon ixus 55. I tried copying exif information from one file into another file using breezebrowser but had no luck.

Its rather annoying that i cannot transfer pictures onto the memory card, unless they were taken by my camera and were not edited.
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Save the edited pictures to another folder and keep the same exact file name. None of my cameras will display the images if I put them back on the camera with a file name that isn't compatible with the camera's file system.

I don't have a Canon, but all of my cameras will take images from other cameras as long as the file name is in a standard format of letters followed by numbers. Your Canon message might mean you can display only Canon photos, but most cameras will show photos from other cameras with the file numbering system from that camera. I've never tried putting images back on the camera that weren't in the 4:3 format, so I don't know whether that would be a problem. But my 4Mp camera will display full sized images from my 7Mp camera.

Both of the cameras I currently have hooked to my computer will display pictures with the EXIF completely stripped from the images. I think the others will as well. Perhaps Canon is different in that respect.

When you put the images back into the camera directly using the drive letter put it back in the folder you normally extract the images from. Some cameras won't display an image sent just to the drive letter. The image goes on the card but isn't in the folder it normally accesses for review.

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