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Rube39 Oct 1, 2005 7:12 PM

Hi,I have a question that has been bothering me for sometime. Often, but not always, when I drag a jpeg I have shot to my email program (MAIL OSX) or have an app send a jpeg to a mail program (via QPICT or iPhoto for example) the quality detiriorates. It either gets noisy or too sharp. I can see the difference immideately, and so can the people I email photos too. The looks great but the email image much less so.My theoretical question is why this is happening.My practical question is, is there anything I can do about this?Rube

[email protected] Oct 1, 2005 9:18 PM

REalistically, I doubt this is happening as a result of your email program.

Probably you are saving the image to a small file so that you can email it, which will result in image deterioration.

As a rule of thumb. most people's email server will blow out an email greater than 5mb in size, although it varies from provider to provider.

A good rule of thumb is to send images 1mb file size or less. If they get smaller than about 250K, they start looking crappy.

I usually send 1mb files by email, and rarely more than 5 shots attached to one email unless I know the other person's email can handle more than 5mb of attachments.

The other option is to put your shots out on a server and email them a web address to look at. For example is where I stick my photos. I just email people that address and then they browse the photos.

Good luck -- Terry

Rube39 Oct 1, 2005 9:34 PM

Thanks Terry,But I really don't think that is the problem, although you are entirely right when you say smaller files can look crappy. I say this because the photos look just as bad when I send them 'as is' meaning at their original size (I just drag them over from QPICT, and they are the same size as in the catelogging sprogram.I am beginning to think the problem might be with my PP image processor. I am using PhotoRetouch DigiCam, a French outfit. It works great for PP when viewed on the screen, but often looks crappy when dragged into email.This degration doesn't seem to happen when using iPhoto, btw. I stopped using iPhoto because it is just too slow when you have a lot (anything over 5000) of photos.Maybe I will have to wait for Adobe Phtoshop Elements (?) to come out with version 4 for the Mac.

[email protected] Oct 2, 2005 9:40 AM

Well, load your shots up to a website.

For $5 or less a month, you should be able to get 100mb of storage.

Then just email your recipients a link, like this:

In the long run, it's the better way to go if your emailing more than a few photos.


KCan Oct 2, 2005 10:22 AM

Hi Rube39 and Terry,

It seems that the pictures are "processed" as you "drag" or do whatever to send the pictures by email. I always send my pics as "attached files" , whichwill not be modified in anyway. The attached files can be pics or whatever files you want to sent. The 5 MB , or even 1 MB seems very big to me. I always reduce them to about 1024x768 max , even 800x400,highly compressed (jpeg compression %) , to have a size under 100k.Many people have a slow connection, and downloading 1MB pic can be a nightmare.

If you want to share big files and original shots , Terry advice (uploading to a site) is the best way.

Rube39 Oct 2, 2005 4:44 PM

Most of the people I send photos to are in Japan, and on broadband, so that is no problem. When I send shots to people on dail up, I reduce (optomize) them in Adobe Image Ready first, which makes them much smaller thru compression.I just tried attaching rather than dragging, but on the Mac it works the same way, so no noticible difference.thanks for all the advice,Rube

[email protected] Oct 2, 2005 5:12 PM

I have a mac and two pc's. I don't use my mac for photos!

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