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sjms Dec 10, 2002 11:40 AM

i concede to this generation of digital Dslrs. after blowing up a image from a 1Ds the other day sent to me by a friend. it seems the nails have been handed over for the nailing down of the coffin on film finally in the 35mm world. iso equiv 800 and literally no noise(grain). WOW! other minor issues will probably be stamped out soon. i think i may have seen the light. i have yet to see a final non Kodak promo image from Kodak from the DCS 14n. i can't wait for that.

need more RAM memory now though. 768MB just barely enough to play in PS with full size images off this thing.

geof Dec 10, 2002 12:37 PM

how is the image in b&w? does it compare with low grain film?
So far, agfa 50 is no-grain god.
Also, what's the file size of the highest rez on it? I run 2 gig ram on my one pc, but my other with 1gig only has problems with 5mp images when blowing them up to 3'X4' prints...
You're right though, was only a matter of time!!!

jsmeeker Dec 10, 2002 1:44 PM

Sadly, the point and shoot digicams are not there yet at higher ISO equivelents. I took some pics on my new Canon A40 last night by setting the ISO to 400. Grainy. 400 color print film is *much* better. But one day, it will get to where the 1Ds is. I'm jsut waiting for the day when the good dSLRs (like Canon D30 or D60) get down to about $700 or so for the body. I'd probably jump. If the CCD was the exact same size as 35mm frame, even better!

sjms Dec 10, 2002 1:49 PM

he just sent me a color tiff from the camera. i do believe that it may give it a run for the money.

again i am waiting for kodaks answer in the DCS-14n. it doesn't shoot B&W native either. you have to convert in software.

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