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milleniumdesigns Jan 28, 2004 12:56 PM

Actually that photo was made to make a 16" x 20" Frame it came out really good at. This was not a wedding it was a Sweet 15,her mom liked the Photo so much that she asked me for 2 of them :)

Maybe her standard were not that high as i let her know that my experience level was not much. After she got her album I have had 3 calls from another parents to take pics on hers kids Celebration.

I know im not a pro(what defines a pro in photography?) but i consider that with the limited amount of experience im getting better. Im actually looking to attend to some seminars and/or college, but i cant find anyhere in Puerto Rico that specializes in Digital cameras, i contacted the local prowedding photographers organization and the president said(between lines) that i needed i Expensive cameras to be part of the of the organization, i think that guy its a lost of was even almost rude whn i told im into digital(no digital is good, he said ).

For the events i shoot i always have my assistant(my GF), a laptop
i take like 600 pics to make sure i have good ones(not perfect ones :) )

Eric im not hating you itsa just that im not 100% bilingual and some times i dont use the correct words.

About the composition, dont you combine picturesto make a image diferent or just because u dint choose a good location?

more coments positives or negatives are welcome, we al learn from our errors... so keep your opinions coming

eric s Jan 28, 2004 4:38 PM

I really didn't think you were annoyed at me, but I wanted to be sure that you knew I didn't truly dislike the picture. I find that I can focus so much on the negative (because people usually want to know whatís wrong to learn and fix it) that I don't always say that I like the picture. It's something I'm working on.

I can see why more would call you. I bet you were cheap (or free) and the quality is quite high. As a parent, I'd love that!

I would agree with you, that club president is clearly not up with the times. Depending on the type of photography you do, even the cheap digital cameras can do a very good job. Almost makes you want to send him a few of your pictures and have him guess which are film and which are digital (when, of course, all are digital. :D) Assuming you donít claim a film type (people who really know their films can identify what film was used by looking at the picture.)


Strictly speaking, I wouldn't say that DRebel is being used "in pro weddings". It's a cheap backup so he isn't dragged into court for breach of contract (if the 1Ds fails.) The deprecation of this type of equipment is brutal, so having a 1Ds not earning income (acting as a backup) is a luxury most can afford. But if youíre shooting $5,000+ weddings, you probably do it anyways because your clients will be rich enough that the law suite would be expensive! :D

But it is interesting that he doesnít choose the 10D. That, to me, is the more logical choice. Its metering modes (basically) match the 1Ds (unlike the DRebel, that has those weird fixed metering modes. That would drive me nuts.)


PeterP Jan 28, 2004 5:29 PM

Me too, I'm guessing he cheeped out gettng the most inexpensive body available and hoping it never has to be used. :)

Cameraman Jan 28, 2004 8:09 PM

Personally I like the picture. I also think it demonstrates creativity to put that together. It works. I don't believe when people look at a picture that they wonder how a photographer was able to light the subjects (well, maybe some photographers), which can be done by fill lighting. I also think that most digital cameras if provided a well-lit subject will give you a nice picture that most prospective clients will buy. IMHO it is more important how you market and sell yourself rather than which camera you own. My advice is not too spend all your money on the camera. Budget in lighting. Photoflex makes some really good products for digital photography like the Starlite kits. Consider softboxes for portraiture which help soften the lighting.

milleniumdesigns Jan 28, 2004 9:09 PM


Originally Posted by eric s
Almost makes you want to send him a few of your pictures and have him guess which are film and which are digital (when, of course, all are digital. :D)


Actually something comparable happened, when i went to the lab to pick the photos, i always look at them there. there was a Pro Photograper (hes been in bussinnes for like 15-20 years). He dint beleive it was digital. That made me feel good :)

eric s Jan 28, 2004 11:28 PM


So very true. Lighting is very important, espeically with the lack of flexability you have when shooting weddings. Sure, the before/after stuff can be taken where you pick (this is why you scout out beforehand) but often the best place for the background won't have good lighting.

Save some money and get a few flashes that you can trigger either wirelessly or by flash-sync.


PKchopper Jan 28, 2004 11:42 PM

If you ask for opinions you should be ready to handle the good with the bad especially with such a confrontational tone to your message. I will say I like this picture as an individual picture even with the lighting glitch. Her positioning seems a bit uncomfortable but if one knows her then Iím sure you captured her essence.

However, I must assume that you choose one of your best if not your best picture to post and I must totally agree that if I were paying you to capture my wedding memories I would not be happy if this is the best picture. As a secondary shot to be displayed in a photo album it is perfect, but this is not the shot I would have framed and displayed on the mantel to symbolize my wedding night.

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