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fporch Mar 22, 2003 9:04 AM

Epson Technical Support - LOUSY!
Just a heads-up. As good as Epson's printers and scanners are is how bad their technical support is. No 1-800 number, tech reps with poor customer service skills and who can't answer the most basic questions (I figured out the last two problems on my own while on the line during LENGTHY phone calls for which I paid), being put on hold until you hang up after 20 minutes, NO live online support, NO EMAIL address, for crying-out -loud. I really find it hard to believe that a company that makes such good products cares so little about their customers after the sale. Any one else experienced these problems?? :x

Mike_PEAT Mar 22, 2003 10:38 AM

Just a couple of points, although Epson's live support is not an 800 number, they do have automated support via 1-800-922-8911.

They also have snailmail addresses.

Have to point out that Epson has extensive support on their website and I've yet needed to call Epson tech support (unlike many times I've had to yell at Canon's printer division).

fporch Mar 23, 2003 10:35 AM

THX for the reply Mike. Unfortunately, their automated responses do not always answer my questions. I do agree that my Epson 2200 is an excellent product I have not needed Epson support very often. But, jeeez, you think they could at least offer an email address. Their technical/customer support really pales compared to other companies with which I do business. I wrote a letter and sent it snail mail, I'm betting I don't get a very satisfactory response. I'll keep you posted.

digcamfan Mar 25, 2003 2:51 PM

This may upset the loyal Epson drivers but...

Go HP!!!

I have had three of them...all performed like champs!!!

HP560>HP870CSE to my current HP Deskjet...a 990CSE.

Two cents :)

Mike_PEAT Mar 25, 2003 2:58 PM

We're not talking about the equipment itself here. I've also owned several Epson printers that "perform like champs"...that's not the question. Anyway, I've also haven't been happy with HP's support when I had to deal with them (especially now under Compaq). Everyone is cutting back these days on support.

Everyone's printer experience is their own...I've never had a problem with an Epson printer, but I've had several headaches with HP, not to mention Canon...others like those use arguing that issue!

voxmagna Mar 25, 2003 5:33 PM

I became suspicious of Epson products, ever since they latched on to taking out adequate resident page buffer memory, and supplied spooling software as part of their drivers, whilst putting up their prices. So the overhead you also pay for is the use of your pc memory, even though they might put in a RISC processor.

No wonder multi-tasking slows up when you're printing to their inkjets. AND has anybody ever got really good useful software from Epson that has worked well? Perhaps the latest photo printers are a lot better now.

Gregersonsalvage Mar 25, 2003 6:01 PM

I've gotten arcsoft with my epson cx5200 it seems like a relativly easy to use photo software.

fporch May 10, 2003 11:24 AM

OK, I've learned at this point in my life to admit when I've made a mistake, so here goes. Although Epson's phone support is still hit or miss, I have recently have been very pleased with their on-line tech support. They responded within 24 hours and answered my question. I also found that they had updated driver downloads to fix a minor glitch. Sooooo - I have to say I am more satisfied than I was when I posted my original message. I also recently sold a panoramic in a ready-made frame at a charity aution for over $300. The buyer said he was really drawn to the photo, as well as the excellent presentation of the paper and ink - so thanks Epson. Best - john

stefank May 10, 2003 5:48 PM

I have had little problem with my stylus colour 880. I had a problem with the 1st one I bought and they came out promptly and just exchanged it for another one staright away.

I have had no need to use any support phone, email or other so cannot comment other than the above


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