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...In the food court area is a hot dog on stick place. It's the one where the employees wear those stupid red and yellow costumes (uniforms) and the stupid looking tall red/yellow hats....
...you are skating on the edge of blasphamy my friend.

Dave's Hot Dog-on-a-Stick has been a muscle beach (Santa Monica, CA) landmark since the late 1940s. Frequented by locals and tourists from all over. Lemonade to die for!

oops, my age is showing.
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Watchin wrote:

Steve K - thanks for the pointer to the movie, don't know if
I've ever seen that one..guess I'm going to rent it now!
Just a clarification to those of you interested in my reference to the movie "Falling Down" and the golf course scene, since it may take some searching to find the '93 film. It does not involve photography, but it does involve arrogant folks confronting an "interloper", and so is *almost* on topic for this thread. :G And that particular scene is controversial:


Still, overall the movie is well worth a little effort to find, IMHO. 14,000 reviews at IMDB, 7.2/10 average rating. , and four stars out of five in my movie review book.
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7.2 out of 10 is a good rating for IMDB. That would be a worth-while movie to see.

For some reason a "tripod" has become the definition of a professional. If you don't use one, you "clearly" aren't one.

But in some places, the reason for the tripod warning is that its a liability. The tripod takes up a lot of space and can get in the way during an emergency. At least that is the stated reason why tripods are not allow in time square, for example.

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About 3 yrs ago here in Clearwater, there was a mall that was going to be demolished for a new mall. It had been here since the 70's and was one of places I spent some fun times. I think there was one or two stores barely open for final sales, but rest of it was empty. This was 2 days before they closed for last time. I had taken a number of shots inside and was almost done when the mall guard stopped me and said no pix! Say what? It's an empty mall! Their logic was non-sensical so I waited till he went back to office and finished but was more careful of how/where I did it.

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I was almost kicked out of St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC in 2003. I was visiting the city and decided to take a look inside. There was a mass going on at the time and I decided to stay way back near the main front door where all the tourists come and go. I was trying to take a few pictures (with noflash)of the stained glass windows and the tall central hallway when this usher came to me telling me "No pictures please..." and I asked why and he said "not during the mass, it's disrespectful". Being a catholic myself, I found this strange but since the mass was almost over I decided to hang for a while until the mass was over. As soon as people starting coming out I started taking pictures again and there was the same usher rushing towards me with the same no pictures claim. I just dashed away this time. :lol: Managed to get some pictures but they none of them were very sharp due to camera shake. By the way, I don't remember seeing any signs telling that no photography was allowed.
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New twist, public park built withprivate funds. Not permitting photography.


They say they will allow tourists to take snapshots, how did they decide thephotographer in questionwas a PRO? Was it because he had a DSLR instead ofa P&S. Was it because he was trying to use a "shudder" tripod?

I am befuddled what in the mind of bureaucrats changes your image from a tourist to a pro?


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