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Default EVF or optical viewfinder???

I already own a panasonic/leice 3.2 mega pixel camera. I am planning to buy a new camera, i have 2 types of cameras in mind, DSLR's or 8 mega pixel P&S. Could anyone tell me the difference between the EVF offered in P&S and the optical viewfinder of a DSLR. The pros and cons of both the viewfinders and which one would you recommend.
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Buy one and you want the other... Each one has its benefit :lol:

I have the 10D but miss the WYSIWYG the feature of the EVF on my D7:
1. You don't get the live real-time histogram with an optical viewfinder.
2. You need to be on playback to review the pictures (after the shot is taken), ie what you see in the viewfinder is not what's going to be stored to the flash card.
3. EVF give you both especially in difficult lighting situation like at night and when you are on manual. You can see the actual result as you adjust the shutter speed and aperture in real-time, ie no need for bracketing or reviewing.

BTW after you take a shot the resulting pictures are automatically recalled to the EVF too if you enabled it (ie no need to drop the camera to waist-level and review the pictures on a different LCD panel). Do yourself a favor at least take a look in the unique high-resolution EVF of the A2 before deciding!
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thank you for the reply. the thing is i have tried the EVF of F828. i noticed a slight delay. Is it difficult to take pictures of moving objects through EVF? As i am interested in spending a bit on my new camera now, would u suggest i should go for an 8 mega pixel camera with a fixed lense or buy a canon 10D with two lenses - 18 - 55 and about 55 to 200. please help me decide.
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When considering the 8 MP cameras (Canon Pro1, Sony F828, Nikon 8700, Minolta A2) versus a DSLR, I came to the decision that a DSLR will fit my needs better:

1. With my son in sports, the EVF blacks out when you take the shot, so trying to take continuous shots is tough (until you learn how to keep you left eye open at the same time) because you have to hunt for the subject again.

2. These fixed lens cameras are limited to a mininimum F8, which sometimes is just not small enough even with a -2 or -3 EV.

3. The ISO noise levels of these fixed len cameras ust don't compare to DSLR's. The same picture taken at the same 400 ISO setting on a Pro1 or 8700 when compared to a Digital Rebel or 10D. This is a huge issue in low light images.

I personally would go for the 10D. It has a review function that shows the image right after taking it, but you do have to go into the review mode to zoom into the image to check for sharpness and the histogram. But to me the lack of flexibility in my ability to get the image I really want is worth the extra steps. That is why I am leaving my trusty G3 behind. I really like my G3 and will probably keep it as a backup, but I do get frustrated with it after having used a friend's DSLR for a weekend trip.
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Thank you. I will go with the DSLR.
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